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The Freestylist System
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The Freestylist System

The Freestylist System


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The Freestylist System details

The Freestylist System

State-of-the-Art Technology

Many attempts have been made by others in the past 4 decades to suspend a hair dryer by using a cord rewind mechanism; these failed because they jammed, or had resistance and slack which made the device unsuitable for styling hair.  They did not make the hair dryer weightless.

 The Freestylist is the first successful hair dryer support system. The Freestylist was invented for a stylist suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Because a dryer weighs as much as a hammer, blow drying all day causes fatigue and strain. The Freestylist reduces the strain by eliminating the weight of the dryer. This creates both daily and long-term medical benefits for the stylist.

The market place is competitive. Providing innovative tools in the salon demonstrates the salon’s interest in offering its clients the best, and differentiates you from the competition.

Using the Freestylist makes the salon appear more professional. The Freestylist allows the stylist to always focus on the client rather than the dryer or whatever the cord is caught on. The client will never have to wait for the stylist to retrace his/her steps to unwind the cord from around the chair. The dryer cord will never again entangle the client! Clients are having their blowouts with a device that is not available to the homeowner.

The Freestylist was designed to be installed directly above your client. While your electrician is wiring your Freestylist, you should have them run the electrical wires for lights too.

Our light platforms offer you the perfect solution for lighting your stations. The lights are spaced apart to give even lighting all around your client. The result is minimal shadows and the perfect amount of light for you to do your job.

We are now offering an upgraded light fixture that uses SpectraLights. These lights are engineered specifically for beauty salons and makeup artists. They provide the perfect light source that is more like actual sun light than any other light available today. They are also the most energy efficient light you can buy. The SpectraLights do not emit infra-red radiation (heat) like your standard light bulbs and halogen lights. This means you can hold your hand as close as 1 inch away and not feel heat. They are the longest lasting lights available, 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Compare that to a light bulb that may last 1,000 to 2,000 hours. The biggest advantage of using the SpectraLights is you will never need to tell your client to go outside to see what their new hair color really looks like. Read more about lights in our Spectralight section.



Manually Adjustable Freestylist

The manual (MA) model has full height adjustment capabilities that are made at installation time. You will need access to the Freestylist in the ceiling in order to make future changes. The MA is used when few adjustments are expected.

The MA does not have the capability to adjust the feel of the dryer. The MA is shipped with this adjustment already factory pre-set. Any future changes needs to be done by a technician.

The MA is suitable for:

• salons where there are not large disparities in the height of stylists
• salons that prefer all dryers to hang at the same height
• salons where there is no need to change the height or tension.


Remotely Controlled Adjustable Freestylist

The remotely adjustable (RA) model has full height and tension adjustment capabilities. You are able to have full control of the dryer's resting height, as well as how light or heavy you would like the dryer to feel in your hand. These adjustments can be made by using either a handheld wireless remote control or a hardwired wall switch.

The biggest advantage of using the RA model is adjustability:
• You can change the resting height of the dryer at any time. It only takes a few seconds to raise or lower the dryer.
• The feel of the dryer can be changed at any time.

The RA model has very sophisticated controlling motors and electronics built in to make adjustments very easy. You can purchase a wireless remote controlled Freestylist if running wire for a wall switch is difficult. The hardwired wall switch is the preferred control method because they don't need batteries and you can't lose it.

The internal components that make your dryer feel like it floats in the air are exactly the same in both Freestylist models. The difference between the MA and RA is the RA is engineered to be totally adjustable at any time. The MA has the capability to adjust the height of the dryer by accessing the system in ceiling and making the adjustment. The tension or feel is not adjustable by the salon with the MA. Both the RA and MA models use the same patented free-floating mechanism. This means using either one gives you the same free-floating action.



Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t it just a cord rewind?

No. Many salon owners have tried to hang dryers from cord rewinds, but have found them not to be suitable for styling hair. The Freestylist is a very low friction system that will allow you to move the dryer in any direction rapidly without feeling the tug of the cord or the weight of the dryer. It has been awarded several patents. It is a FREE FLOATING SUPPORT mechanism.


Isn't that really expensive for a dryer?

First and foremost, the Freestylist is a support system. We include a dryer with the base unit. But in addition to its weightlessness, it offers productivity gains, health benefits, extends dryer life, improves client experience, and removes the clutter from your salon.


The dryer looks too low - won't it hit my head?
I'm short - what if I can't reach it?
How will it work if I have tall stylists and short stylists?

The resting height of the dryer can be adjusted with the wall switch, remote control or adjustment screw to suit the stylist. The system is installed so the dryer is located over the back of the chair. With proper installation, you cannot walk into it.


What ceiling types can it be installed in?

We have installation kits that facilitate the installation of the Freestylist for virtually any ceiling type. We have kits for ceiling tiles (drop ceiling kit), ceilings with access from above (above the ceiling kit), ceilings with no access from above (rough-in kit). Below ceiling surface mounting, unistrut, and open ceilings use the suspended kit.


Will it work in my salon if I have a drop ceiling?

Drop ceilings are actually the easiest for installation. Rough-in kits are available for easy installation by a licensed contractor.


I have a very high ceiling in my salon, will the Freestylist work?

Yes. The Suspended installation kit is designed for high ceilings. Light platforms are a great choice for high ceilings.


Will it help reduce my arm, neck, and shoulder pain?

Holding your dryer for hours through long days at the salon creates stress to your muscles, tendons, and joints. Reducing the weight you must hold should go a long way towards alleviating the stress and pain. The dryer cord is no longer a nuisance.
• Stylists will no longer need to spend time untangling cords.
• They can no longer be inadvertently knocking things off the counter when fetching the dryer.
• Never again will stylists have to retrace their steps to unwind the cord from the base of the chair.
• Never again will clients be entangled with dryer cord.
- The stylist can reach for the dryer without ever looking away from the client.
- Dropping dryers will be a thing of the past. The cord for each Freestylist is custom cut so that it cannot touch the ground. So if the dryer slips out of the stylist’s hand, the dryer will not be damaged, and the stylist’s professionalism will not be damaged either.


Who installs the Freestylist?

The Freestylist is installed by your local contractor. It is installed in much the same way as a light fixture.


Do I need power in the ceiling?

Yes. Your electrician needs to run a 15 amp, 120 volt circuit to power your Freestylist. Don't worry - they do it everyday.


Is it too late to get if I've already started renovation?

No, but the earlier in the renovation you contact us, the more flexibility you will have with installation options. We will work with you to determine your installation needs and expedite your order.




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SPECTRALIGHT: Lighting engineered for Salons


Spectralight is the first LED (light emitting diode) lights engineered for the salon industry, and the first energy efficient lights to closely match the sun’s visible light spectrum. This means that with Spectrlight, seeing TRUE color indoors is now a reality. Telling your clients to go outside to see their hair color can be a thing of the past!


Spectralight is not hot so you don’t feel the heat in your facility. In fact, each 5” light emits the same amount light as a 100 watt flood light. While using only 18 watts of power; each Spectrlight produces 900-1100 Lumens, at 3500 – 4000 Kelvin, for 50,000 to 80,000 hours!


Spectrlight can be purchased separately and even installed recessed in a drop ceiling or along with a Freestylist in 1 of the 4 platforms available.


Call your Sales Representative for more details!


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