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Buy-Rite New Site Launch

29th February 2016

Welcome to the new! A lot has changed since we launched our last site five years ago. Thanks to new developments in web design, we’re now able to offer our partners a much better experience while they look for advice or shop online. Using cutting edge web design tools, we’ve created a user experience that’s unlike any other in the industry. Our new site was crafted with our partners in mind at every step. We took into account everyone’s unique journey and made it easy to find exactly what she or he needs at each point in the process. The result is a seamless experience for everyone of our partners. It’s the newest way we’re trying to best serve our partners.

In addition to a simplified shopping experience, the new features a host of services that we’ve offered for a long time but previously haven’t been able to provide online. This includes up-to-date customization of products with tens of thousands of color, material and size options.

This customization ability extends to our partner’s entire order. Our partners can now build their own package of salon, barber, or spa furniture and equipment with pieces from different categories in order maximize their overall savings. Our partners now have the ability to choose the chairs, styling stations, dryers, shampoo bowls, accessories, etc. that they desire and then instantly gain a package discount on the entire group of items selected.

By building their own package of items for their business, our partners will be able to equip their entire business with the equipment they truly desire, while also reaping the benefits of additional cash savings.

We’re also excited to give our partners a potential source of inspiration for their business. We’ve been around a long time and helped a lot of people along the way. We thought we could use some of the work we’ve done to help you fully realize the vision for your salon. That’s why we created the Be Inspired page, which allows you to take elements from salons you like and build them into your own design using the same products.

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