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Adjust-A-Sink Accessible Shampoo Sinks

Adjust-a-Sink, made popular for its innovative creation of the height-adjustable salon sink explicitly designed for wheelchair accessible clients, is a pioneer in the senior living home salon space. Specifically, the Adjust-a-Sink offers 12 inches of vertical travel, complemented by an easy-to-use foot pump mechanism that allows the bowl to be raised or lowered to accommodate each client’s needs. This height-adjustable shampoo bowl works well with either a patron’s wheelchair or a traditional salon chair. With multiple bowl colors to choose from, not only is this adjustable shampoo bowl perfect for accessibility in senior living home salons, but it is also able to match multiple space designs. The Adjust-a-Sink is also able to reduce costs in your salon by reducing the need for additional staff to assist with salon transfers. Give us a call today to learn more about how the Adjust-a-Sink can help your salon accommodate elderly and special needs clientele.


Company History and Innovation


Adjust-A-Sink's story begins in 1991 when Barb Klawitter, a stylist at a senior living community, witnessed the challenges faced in providing quality salon care for seniors. Her dedication to improving the salon experience led her to create the first height-adjustable salon sink prototype in her home. In 1993, the first K100 Adjust-A-Sink was introduced to the world, complete with a telescopic drain and lift system. This groundbreaking innovation earned two patents and marked the birth of a new concept in senior care salon services. Barb Klawitter's leadership spanned 14 years, during which Adjust-A-Sink became synonymous with quality and innovation in senior care facilities. Thousands of K100 models are now installed across the U.S. and Canada, with many more specified for new construction and remodeling projects.


Why Choose Adjust-A-Sink?


Safety: The paramount concern in any salon setting, Adjust-A-Sink's adjustable height sink significantly reduces the risk of accidents during transfers for both residents and staff. This ensures a secure environment for providing salon services to clients with physical limitations.

Comfort: Elevate the shampoo experience for wheelchair-bound or physically limited residents. The adjustability of the sink guarantees a comfortable and dignified shampoo service, while the sturdy and permanent installation minimizes inconveniences associated with portable solutions.

Cost Savings: Enhance operational efficiency by reducing the need for additional staff assistance during transfers. With the ability for a single stylist to perform shampoo and hair-cutting services independently, the sink offers cost-effective solutions.

Ease of Use: Experience the convenience of 12 inches of vertical travel. The intuitive foot pump mechanism allows for easy adjustment, accommodating different client statures and needs. This mechanism works seamlessly with both wheelchair users and traditional salon chairs.

Luxe Design: The Adjust-A-Sink seamlessly integrates into any salon's interior design. Choose from over 50 bowl colors and various laminate options for the backsplash and rear panel, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic that matches your salon's style.


Featured Adjust-A-Sink Products


Explore our range of Adjust-A-Sink products designed to elevate your salon experience:


Adjust-A-Sink K100 Hydraulic Shampoo Unit: Experience the power of hydraulic height adjustment for unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Adjust-A-Sink E140 Electric Shampoo Unit: Discover the ease of electric-powered height adjustment, offering a seamless salon experience.


Ready to Transform Your Salon?


Enhance your salon's accessibility and efficiency with Adjust-A-Sink products. Purchase today and enjoy the benefits of innovative salon furniture. To learn more about our offerings or to inquire about how Adjust-A-Sink can cater to your salon's unique needs, feel free to contact us at 1-800-477-6655 or explore our product pages for detailed information.

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