Salon Equipment Packages and Bundles

Combine value and quality with Buy-Rite Beauty’s Salon Equipment Packages and Bundles, ideal for new salon buildouts, expansions, or makeovers. These packages offer multiple configurations to suit various salon and barber shop needs. Plus, when you purchase multiple items as a package, enjoy built-in bundle discounts for added savings. To create a custom package with the best value on the items you need, contact our product team. They can help you build a package with bundled discounts for maximum savings. Alternatively, explore our Buy More, Save More package builder built directly on our site to save more as you add more. Start building your own list by exploring our vast collections collection of styling chairs, styling stations, shampoo equipment, and reception area furniture to plan your dream salon setup.

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Salon Equipment Packages: Styling Chair, Station, and Shampoo!

Embarking on a salon venture or aiming to elevate your current establishment? BuyRite Beauty specializes in furnishing your dream salon through our thoughtfully crafted Salon & Stylist starter packages. These packages are meticulously curated to cater to the diverse requirements of both new and expanding salons.

Why Choose Our Packages?

Understanding that every salon is unique, our packages eliminate the hassles of product selection. Whether you're a salon adding multiple stylists and chairs or just starting out, our packages bring together sought-after styling chairs, stations, shampoo chairs/backwash units, hair dryers, and more.

Your Salon, Your Choice

With options based on the number of operators, chair styles, station types, and more, our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for every salon's needs. Some packages even include accessories like salon mats tailored to fit the included chairs. If you need something more bespoke, explore our range:

Salon Chairs: Where comfort meets aesthetics, ensuring a relaxing experience for clients. Stations: Stylish organization for tools and equipment. Shampoo & Backwash Units: Modern and ergonomic units for an enhanced hair-washing experience. Salon Chair Mats: Durable mats for stylist comfort and floor protection. Hair Dryers / Processors: Top-of-the-line processors for quick and efficient drying or treatment sessions.

Featured Packages

Discover some of our popular packages tailored for various needs:

1-Operator Basic Salon Package: Ideal for solo stylists or compact spaces. 4-Operator Basic Salon Package: A comprehensive solution for a growing salon. 4-Operator Echo Miami Salon Package: The perfect blend of style and efficiency. 4-Operator Silver Ivy Salon Package: Modern design meets functionality. 4-Operator Icon Miami Mirror Salon Package: A premium setup with mirrored stations.

Our mission is to make your salon setup or expansion as smooth as possible. Whether you prefer one of our pre-configured packages or wish to design your own using our custom package builder, we're here to assist. For personalized guidance or inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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