Salon Color Bar Cabinets

Explore Buy-Rite Beauty's selection of customizable hair salon color bars and cabinets, essential for elevating any salon's coloring services. These specialized workstations are designed to streamline the hair coloring process, providing hair stylists with essential tools and supplies at their fingertips, ensuring enhanced efficiency. Our salon color bar models are equipped with built-in salon color organizers, stainless steel sinks for easy clean-up, and integrated towel-bin hampers. Certain models boast built-in swinging door holes for effortless disposal of coloring waste. Color stylists appreciate a hair salon color bar designed with their convenience in mind, as well as aesthetic appeal, including integrated under-cubby LED lights and stainless-steel countertops, available in a wide range of over 60 laminate color options. Explore Buy-Rite's comprehensive range of hair color equipment categories, including color processors, hair color trays and trolleys, and hooded hair dryers.

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Salon Color Bars & Hair Color Rack Organizers

Buy-Rite Beauty offers a diverse selection of salon color bars, recognizing their pivotal role in showcasing a salon's artistry and contributing to its revenue stream. With options from industry-leading brands like Collins Manufacturing, the color bars are meticulously designed to streamline the coloring process, providing convenient storage and workspace for enhanced salon efficiency. Factors to consider when choosing a color bar include available space, storage needs, functionality features, design alignment, material durability, brand reputation, maintenance ease, and budget considerations. As an industry authority, Buy-Rite Beauty assures quality products, design diversity, functionality, and excellent customer support, ensuring salons receive optimal value for their investment. Salon owners can seek assistance from Buy-Rite Beauty's Salon Consultants at 1-800-477-6655 for personalized guidance in selecting the perfect color bar for their needs.

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