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Discover Buy-Rite Beauty’s professional shampoo chairs used for comfortably reclining clients to optimal and relaxing positions during hair shampooing - essential for any salon or barbershop. Our collection features a range of chairs, including shampoo chair only options, with advanced features like auto-recline, lever-controlled reclining mechanisms, lock-in-place kickout leg rests, and electric-controlled recline options. Each hair washing salon chair provides optimal comfort and functionality, enhancing the shampooing experience for both clients and stylists. Whether you prefer a permanent recline or a spring-controlled recline mechanism, our chairs accommodate all client types. Enjoy the luxurious feel of plush cushions that offer exceptional support during longer services. Complete your shampoo area with our high-quality shampoo bowls and pedestals, shampoo cabinets, and color bars, ensuring a cohesive and stylish salon environment.

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Salon Shampoo Chairs: Elevate Comfort for Clients and Technicians

Shampoo chairs are crucial for providing a relaxing hair-washing experience in salons. Unlike integrated backwash units, standalone shampoo chairs offer flexibility in positioning and use, allowing salons to cater to diverse client preferences and layouts. Choosing standalone chairs provides versatility, potentially repurposing existing equipment and managing space efficiently. This approach suits those looking to upgrade or replace chairs while retaining quality shampoo bowls. Distinct from integrated backwash units, shampoo chairs prioritize seating comfort during treatments. Factors to consider when choosing a shampoo chair include ergonomics, adjustability, durability, ease of cleaning, space considerations, design, price, and brand reputation. Buy-Rite Beauty, a leader in the salon equipment industry, emphasizes top-notch quality, extensive range, customer service, and trusted expertise to assist salon owners in making informed choices. For personalized assistance, contact us at 1-800-477-6655.

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