Takara Belmont Salon Furniture


Takara Belmont Barber Chairs & Salon Equipment

Takara Belmont salon equipment stands out for its renowned quality, user-friendly features, comfort, convenience, and safety attributes. Originating in Japan in 1921, Takara Belmont has evolved into a global leader in salon and spa design and equipment manufacturing, earning accolades for their commitment to exceeding customer expectations. The company takes immense pride in its rich and enduring history, reflecting strength, reliability, and enduring presence.

Choose from a diverse array of products, including Takara Belmont barber chairs, Rollerball, styling and salon chairs, shampoo units, parts, and more, each boasting a distinctive modern Japanese design and exceptional quality. Available through Buy-Rite Beauty, explore the unique style of Takara Belmont salon furniture to embark on designing your dream salon.

With nearly a century of experience, Takara Belmont's heritage of fine craftsmanship and dedication to quality is evident in every product. Technological advancements, such as laser-guided upholstery cutting and 960-degree thermo press technology, showcase the brand's commitment to innovation and durability. Crafted by skilled artisans, each Takara Belmont chair embodies the brand's relentless pursuit of excellence.

When choosing Takara Belmont for your salon needs, you opt for a company with a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation, award-winning high-quality products exceeding customer expectations, modern Japanese design offering exceptional comfort, durability and reliability in every piece of salon furniture, and a brand with a global presence and worldwide recognition.



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