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Pedicure Chairs

Buy-Rite Beauty offers a wide variety of pedicure spa chairs to meet your needs and your budget. Our selection includes pipe-less pedicure chairs, plumbing free pedicure chairs, and portable pedicure spas. Not only do we offer a wide selection of high quality chairs, but they’re also offered at affordable prices.


Utilizing pipeless and plumbing free pedicure chairs in your spa is beneficial for many reasons. Pipe-less pedicure chairs utilize cutting edge jet motor technology that makes them extremely reliable and sanitary. Plumbing free pedicure spas are great as they are very easy to install and maintain. Additionally, because these chairs don’t require plumbing, they can be placed anywhere in your salon or spa. The freedom to move these pedicure stations will allow you to make the most of your salon space. Check out our tips for saving space in small salons and discover why your salon needs pedicure chairs!

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