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Explore Buy-Rite Beauty's vast selection of salon shampoo bowls, essential in salons or barber shops, serving as a basin specifically designed for washing clients’ hair. Available in various shapes like square, oval, and heart-shaped, and in materials like ABS plastic, porcelain, and fiberglass, you’ll be sure to find the exact shampoo bowl style and fit for your space. Each salon sink comes complete with all necessary plumbing parts, along with additional accessory options such as hair traps and vacuum breakers for code compliance. Salon shampoo cabinets are the perfect complement to the hair-washing sink as they provide convenient storage, ensuring your shampoo area is fully stocked with easy access to towels and shampoo products. Explore similar shopping categories such as shampoo backwash units, shampoo chairs, and color bars to complete your salon’s shampoo area.

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Shampoo Bowls for Stylists' Comfort and Client Satisfaction

The right shampoo bowl significantly impacts a salon's functionality and aesthetics. Standalone shampoo bowls, offering flexibility in placement, design variety, and budget considerations, present a customizable solution. They are preferred for their adaptability to various salon layouts and seamless integration with diverse decors. Cost-effective and suitable for businesses prioritizing space optimization, standalone bowls maintain quality and style. Top-selling models include the versatile 31505, the contemporary Bali Pedestal, the efficient Pibbs 5350, the sophisticated Paris Pedestal, and the durable Pibbs 5300 Porcelain. Considerations when choosing a shampoo bowl encompass material, size, shape, installation ease, brand reputation, maintenance requirements, price, accessories compatibility, and warranty terms. Materials range from affordable ABS acrylic to premium porcelain. Buy-Rite Beauty, a reputable manufacturer, offers a vast selection, affordable brands, complete setups, and dedicated customer support to ensure client satisfaction. For assistance, contact Salon Consultants at 1-800-477-6655 to build your dream salon.



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