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Barbershop Accessories: Classic & Iconic Barber Poles

Every barbershop needs that unique touch to stand out, and nothing achieves this better than iconic barber poles and carefully selected accessories. At Buy-Rite Beauty, we offer an extensive range of these quintessential elements that not only elevate the ambiance of your barbershop but also enhance the overall customer experience.


Top 10 Featured Barber Poles and Accessories


Marvy Barber Pole 55 with 2 Lights: A timeless classic, this barber pole features dual lights for increased visibility and vintage appeal.
Pibbs 148 Original Barber Pole: Symbolize your shop's dedication to traditional grooming with this authentic barber pole.
Marvy Barber Pole 55: Bring a touch of nostalgia with this classic design, ensuring your shop stands out day and night.
Barber Shop Welcome Mat: Greet your customers with style and ensure their safety with this non-slip mat.
12-Pack White Barber Towels: Quality and absorbency matter; these towels promise both.
Melinda Hot Towel Cabinet with UV: Ensure clean and warm towels for each client with this UV-equipped cabinet.
Pibbs 500 Hot Towel Sanitizer: Prioritize hygiene with this efficient towel sanitizer.
J&A Hot Towel Warmer (Small): Perfect for compact spaces, ensuring warm towels are always at hand.
J&A Hot Towel Warmer (Medium): Ideal for medium-sized setups, balancing space and efficiency.
J&A Hot Towel Warmer (Large): For shops that serve numerous clients, ensuring no one misses out on a warm towel.


Choosing the Right Barber Pole or Accessory


Visibility: Opt for poles with bright, illuminating features to ensure your shop stands out.
Durability: Choose materials that are resistant to weather conditions, especially for outdoor setups.
Size: Ensure the barber pole or accessory complements the size of your shop without overwhelming the space.
Functionality: Towel warmers and sanitizers should be efficient and easy to operate.
Design: Pick designs that resonate with your shop's aesthetics, whether vintage or modern.
Hygiene: Prioritize products that promote cleanliness, like UV-equipped towel cabinets.
Customer Experience: Always think about the comfort and experience of your clients when selecting any accessory.


Why Choose Buy-Rite Beauty?


Extensive Range: A diverse selection of barber poles and accessories to fit any shop's style.
Quality Guaranteed: Products that are durable and built to last.
Customer Support: Expert advice and support for all your purchase decisions.
Best Prices: High-quality products at unbeatable prices.
Customizable Options: Many products offer customization to fit your shop's unique style.
Trusted Brands: Products from industry-leading brands that promise reliability.


Need Help Choosing?


Don't let the plethora of choices overwhelm you. Reach out to a Buy-Rite Barber consultant today and let us guide you in selecting the perfect equipment that aligns with your dream shop's vision. Call us at 1-800-477-6655, because at Buy-Rite, we’re not just selling products; we're partnering with you to bring your dream shop to life!

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