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Buy-Rite Beauty's salon chair mats offer not only affordability but also the unmatched durability that stands the test of time. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, our diverse range of mats ensures that every salon, regardless of its size or aesthetic, finds the ideal fit. Crafted meticulously, these mats come in various lengths, styles, and patterns, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your salon's design theme.


Understanding the challenges faced by barbers and stylists, our collection showcases anti-fatigue and SuperSoft hair stylist chair mats. From circular to square and rectangular designs, our mats cater to diverse preferences while providing a plethora of color and thickness choices. Investing in our mats means gifting your staff the comfort they deserve, ensuring their energy and enthusiasm remain high throughout the day. So, if you're on the hunt for the perfect floor mats to accentuate your salon chairs, look no further. We're not only confident that you'll find what you're searching for, but we also stand by our promise of offering the best prices in the market.

Top 10 Best Selling Salon Mats

3 x 4 Anti-Fatigue Rectangular Mat (1/2")Designed to alleviate fatigue, this rectangular mat offers optimal cushioning, making long hours on your feet more comfortable.
3 x 4 Anti-Fatigue Circular Mat (1/2"): A circular design tailored for specific salon stations, this anti-fatigue mat ensures your stylists remain energetic throughout the day.
3 x 4 SuperSoft Circular Mat (5/8")Melding aesthetics with function, this SuperSoft mat offers superior comfort, ensuring your team's well-being.
3 x 4 SuperSoft Circular Mat (1"): With an increased thickness for enhanced comfort, this mat is an excellent addition to any high-traffic stylist station.
3 x 5 SuperSoft Circular Mat (5/8"): Larger in size, this mat is perfect for spacious stations, providing a plush surface that stands the test of time.
3 x 5 SuperSoft Rectangular Mat (5/8"):  Blending the comfort of SuperSoft materials with a classic rectangular design, it's a match for any modern salon.
3 x 5 SuperSoft Rectangular Mat (3/4") with Square DepressionFeaturing a square depression, this mat uniquely accommodates specific salon equipment while ensuring utmost comfort.
4 x 5 SuperSoft Hexagon Mat (7/8"): A hexagon shape for a stylish look, coupled with a SuperSoft material that promises durability and comfort.
3 x 5 Rhino Custom Craft Classic Anti-Fatigue Mat (3/4") with Round Cut-OutCrafted by Rhino, this classic design with a round cut-out ensures a tailored fit for specific stations while offering anti-fatigue properties.
3 x 5 Rhino Vegas Heel-Proof Mat (7/8") with Round DepressionA mat designed with heels in mind, this Rhino creation guarantees protection against wear and tear while adding a touch of Vegas glamour to your salon.

Choosing the Perfect Salon or Styling Mat

Selecting the right mat for your salon involves considering various factors to ensure maximum comfort and durability:

Thickness: A mat's thickness affects comfort, especially during long hours. Opt for one that provides adequate cushioning.
Durability: Investing in a durable mat ensures longevity and reduces the need for frequent replacements.
Material: The material affects the mat's comfort, maintenance ease, and resistance to hair products.
Color: A matching color can complement your salon's theme and ambiance.
Shape: Whether circular, square, or rectangular, the shape should fit your space and stylist stations.
Size: It's crucial to get a size that covers the desired area without causing obstructions.
Design & Patterns: While some may prefer a minimalist look, others might opt for intricate patterns to enhance the salon's aesthetics.


Why Buy Salon Mats from Buy-Rite?

Expertise: Years of experience have honed our ability to curate the best for you.
Selection: A diverse range ensures you find the exact match for your needs.
Quality: We never compromise, ensuring you get value for every dollar spent.
Customer Service: Our dedicated team is always on standby, ensuring all your queries are addressed promptly.
Fast Shipping: With our efficient logistics, expect your orders to reach you in record time.


Why Choose Accessories from Buy-Rite?

One-Stop Solution: From big-ticket items to the smallest accessory, we have everything you need.
Unmatched Expertise: Decades in the industry have armed us with knowledge to guide you best.
Competitive Pricing: Quality products at prices that delight.
Stellar Customer Service: We value our customers and go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.
Extensive Selection: Our vast inventory ensures you never have to look elsewhere.
Quality Assurance: Every product undergoes stringent quality checks.
Industry Trust: Professionals everywhere vouch for Buy-Rite's commitment to excellence.


Need Help Choosing?

If decisions seem daunting or you're simply seeking expert advice, remember we're just a call away. Reach out to us at 1-800-477-6655. Whether you're building a dream salon, refurbishing a barber shop, or elevating a spa, Buy-Rite stands ready to assist. Let us be your partner in creating spaces that resonate with style and functionality.

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