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Shampoo Area Accessories: Towels, Plumbing Parts, Neck Rests

Achieving the ultimate shampoo experience isn't just about the bowl or the chair; it's also about the details – the shampoo accessories that enhance comfort, safety, and efficiency. At Buy-Rite Beauty, we recognize the vital role that these supplementary tools play, offering an array of top-tier shampoo accessories from industry-leading brands. Whether you're enhancing the client experience or replacing essential parts, we have everything you need to elevate your shampoo stations to the next level.


Our comprehensive collection includes everything from basic essentials like towels to specific components like faucets, hair traps, and hoses. Ensure a smooth and memorable client experience with our curated selection, knowing each product embodies durability and functionality.


Top 10 Selling Shampoo Accessories


12-Pack Black Towels - Luxurious and absorbent black towels perfect for a professional setting.
12-Pack White Towels - Premium quality white towels ensuring optimal absorbency.
12-Pack White Barber Towels - Tailored for barber shop settings, offering durability and performance.
Pibbs 558 Neckrest - Enhance client comfort during shampooing with this ergonomic neck rest.
Pibbs 557 Align-A-Neck Neckrest - A specialized neck rest designed for optimal alignment and support.
Footrest Ottoman for Backwash - Elevate the client experience by offering leg support during shampoo sessions.
Spray Hose for Shampoo Bowls - A durable and efficient spray hose designed for professional use.
Shampoo Hose Nozzle for CHEA Backwash Bowl - A versatile nozzle suitable for various backwash bowls.
Pibbs Universal Large Hair Trap - Ensure the longevity of your plumbing system with this efficient hair trap.
Standard Vacuum Breaker Kit - An essential tool to prevent backflow and ensure sanitary water supply.


Choosing The Right Shampoo Accessories


When selecting shampoo accessories, consider:


Compatibility: Ensure accessories fit seamlessly with existing equipment, ensuring optimal functionality.
Material & Quality: Select materials that are durable and resistant to the rigors of a salon setting.
Comfort: Prioritize client comfort with ergonomic designs like neck rests and footrests.
Brand Reputation: Opt for trusted brands that are recognized for delivering quality.
Maintenance & Cleaning: Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance, promoting longevity.
Design & Aesthetics: Choose accessories that complement your salon's design theme.
Functionality: Ensure products offer features that meet your salon's specific needs, from faucets to hoses.


Why Choose Buy-Rite for Your Shampoo Accessories?


Expertise: Our seasoned team understands salon needs intimately, guiding you to the best choices.
Selection: With a wide array of products from top brands, we cater to diverse salon requirements.
Quality: We curate products that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring durability and longevity.
Customer Service: Our dedicated team prioritizes your satisfaction, providing unparalleled support.
Fast Shipping: Get your products swiftly, ensuring your salon operates without hitches.
Price Assurance: At Buy-Rite, quality meets affordability. Experience top-tier products at competitive prices.


Need Help Choosing?


If you're uncertain about the right accessories for your salon or shop, we're here to help! Reach out to us at 1-800-477-6655 for expert advice. Remember, Buy-Rite is not just a supplier; we're your partner in building the dream salon, barber shop, or spa you've always envisioned. Let's make that dream a reality together!

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