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At Buy-Rite Beauty we know how important an efficient shampoo area is in any salon or barbershop. We offer professional shampoo backwash units to streamline this area for both the stylist and the client while saving space. A shampoo backwash unit is different from a separate shampoo chair and shampoo bowl because it is one unit that attaches both of these elements. This is where the clients will sit for shampoos, scalp massages, and sometimes color processing. These units recline to allow clients to rest comfortably in the bowl for services and provide a very relaxing environment.


Buy-Rite Beauty is a standout authority in the beauty industry, renowned for our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality salon and barbershop equipment. With 87 years of experience, partnerships with major brands, and a keen understanding of industry trends, we offer everything needed for salon owners and beauty professionals. We know that relaxation and comfort are a top priority in the shampoo area which is why we have an extensive collection of backwash units that are of professional quality to create a relaxing oasis.


■ Comfort: We evaluated the client and stylist experience—how does the shampoo backwash unit enhance the overall comfort for both parties?
Durability: We examined its resilience and longevity against use over time. Will it hold up against wear and tear?
■ Aesthetic: We explored customization options, including color options, to align with your desired look.
■ Accessibility: We evaluated how easy the backwash unit is to get in and out of. Is the chair easy to access?
■ Affordability: We considered overall affordability – what is the investment required?


Why Stylists Love It: The Lexus Backwash Unit is one of our best sellers because it is the all-in-one backwash unit that is a true workhorse in the shampoo area. It prioritizes client comfort with foam padding and a kick-out leg rest plus an extra wide seat to accommodate all clients. It is available in multiple colors for design flexibility, and it is one of our most affordable backwash unit options.

Considerations: This unit has a kick-out leg rest which could pose accessibility challenges for elderly clientele.

Shopper’s Tip: This unit is perfect for salons looking for an affordable option with all of the bells and whistles still included. It is the best combination of aesthetics, durability, and affordability in our entire collection. It has been the #1 seller for seven years in a row. We also offer the Lexus Styling Chair which features matching arms to the Lexus Backwash Unit and creates great design continuity between the two.


Why Stylists Love It: The Oasis Backwash Unit is a stylish option with attention to client comfort. It has a lay-in system with a lumbar support cushion to create the most relaxing environment for your client. It has stylish metal feet paired with the all-black look to give it a modern feel. This is one of the best values in the industry while still having durable materials and components.

Considerations: This unit comes in black only which might be limiting for those looking for additional colors. Additionally, this is a lay-in style backwash unit which is ultra comfortable but might be challenging for some clients.

Shopper’s Tip: This unit is perfect for those looking to create the most relaxing environment for their clients. The lay-in style is a new, trending style because of the integrated headrest that allows clients to feel like they are lying on a pillow throughout the shampooing service. For more lay-in style backwash unit styles, check out the Eclipse Backwash Unit and the Lounge Shampoo Backwash Unit.


Why Stylists Love It: The Luna Gold Shampoo Backwash Unit is a modern designed chair with gold accents to create a standout design in any space. It features gold brushed armrests that are the perfect amount of gold without overwhelming. It is equipped with a kick-out leg rest and foam padding for client comfort.

Considerations: This chair comes in black only and the bowl comes in black and white only which can limit design flexibility. It is also important to consider the gold accents as this design caters to a specific look and feel.

Shopper’s Tip: This unit is perfect for those who want a modern aesthetic with a bold gold accent that will make a statement. The gold accent will make your salon stand out from the crowd with a unique flair. Be sure to browse more from our Gold Standard Collection to complete this look. If you are looking for more Luna Gold equipment, check out the  Luna Gold Styling ChairLuna Gold Dryer & Chair Combo, and the Venus Gold All Purpose Chair offering complete design continuity across your salon that is sure to impress your clientele. 


Why Stylists Love It: The Icon Backwash Unit emphasizes client comfort without being flashy. It has a very standard look with two color options making it one of our most versatile backwash units. It has a large tilting porcelain bowl, a wide seat, and an extra lumbar support cushion for a relaxing client experience. This unit fits easily into any aesthetic because of its sleek and standard look.

Considerations: Unlike some of the other units mentioned above this unit does not feature a footrest.

Shopper’s Tip: With its patterned detailing, this unit is perfect for those looking for a standard and versatile backwash unit that will fit into any existing aesthetic. It is the perfect match with the popular Icon Styling Chair and Icon All Purpose Chair.


Why Stylists Love It: The Salon Ambiance Iconwash Double Backwash Unit has a unique minimal aesthetic with Italian vinyl that comes in over 40 color options with two-tone customization. It has two fully equipped backwash units as a space-saving design while maximizing efficiency. It comes with rounded armrests and an optional electric leg rest for client comfort.

Considerations: This unit has a higher price point due to its Italian-sourced materials and manufacturing.

Shopper’s Tip: This unit is perfect for salons looking to maximize space. These compact units are easy to work around and will hold up throughout the hustle and bustle of salon usage. Be sure to also browse the Iconwash Single Backwash Unit and the Iconwash Triple Backwash Unit if you are looking for a different configuration.


Why Stylists Love It: The Chelsea Backwash Unit is one of the smaller options in our top picks because of its shape and design. This unit sits on a platform versus on the ground like our other picks which allows it to have a smaller footprint. It features a classic design with the tufted square seat back and brass nail heads on the trim for a retro feel.

Considerations: This backwash unit embodies retro and vintage styles. if that’s not your thing, shop our other styles and collections.

Shopper’s Tip: With its compact footprint, this is the perfect unit for those looking to maximize space in the salon while maintaining a classic look. Be sure to check out the Chelsea Styling Chair and the Chelsea Dryer Chair for a complete look.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs 5274W Loop Backwash Unit is sleek and small making it easy to fit into any space. It has many different color options to pair with either a white or black shampoo bowl. It has the smallest footprint of our backwash units without cutting down on durability or comfort.

Considerations: This unit places focus on a compact design which limits design flexibility.

Shopper’s Tip: With its small and compact footprint, this is the perfect unit for small spaces or salon suites. It is easy to work around and will hold up through wear and tear. For more shampoo equipment, check out Pibbs Industries‘ curated collection.


The process of shopping for shampoo backwash units involves careful consideration of various factors such as functionality, design, and affordability. Finding the right unit requires balancing these elements to meet the specific needs of a salon or spa. Whether opting for modern and stylish units or prioritizing practicality and comfort, customers can explore a wide range of options in the market. Ultimately, investing time in research, reading reviews, and comparing features will lead to a well-informed decision. The perfect shampoo backwash unit is not just a functional piece of equipment; it becomes an essential element in creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both salon professionals and their clients.

Looking for more to add to your shampoo area? Check out our shampoo bowls, shampoo chairs, shampoo cabinetry, and color bars.

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