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Massage Tables & Esthetician Facial Beds

Buy-Rite Beauty is committed to enhancing comfort, style, and functionality in spa and salon equipment, offering a diverse range of massage tables and facial beds. Crafted to meet modern spa and salon needs, our options include stationary, hydraulic, and electric tables, ensuring a perfect fit for any ambiance. The spa beds prioritize luxury alongside functionality, featuring built-in magnifying lights. Every esthetician and massage therapist recognizes the crucial role of a professional bed, and with Buy-Rite Beauty, investing in top-tier equipment brings one step closer to realizing the dream ambiance clients will adore.

The best-selling facial and massage beds include the Sheila Hydraulic Facial Bed, Stationary Facial Bed, Multi-Purpose Massage Table, Le Crem Electric Facial Bed, Portable Massage Table, and various electric multi-purpose massage tables. 

Reasons to choose a salon bed or facial bed from Buy-Rite Beauty include exceptional quality, industry expertise, the best price guarantee, a diverse selection, a customer-centric approach, and being trusted by professionals nationwide. If specific needs or guidance are required, our team is available to assist at 1-800-477-6655.

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