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Are you looking to revamp your salon, create a more inviting atmosphere, and optimize its layout? Our expert salon design team is here to help bring your vision to life. We offer a complimentary salon design and planning consultation to jumpstart your transformation journey. 

Free personalized, expert design planning to help bring your vision to life.

Space Planning

Our experienced design team will assess your salon's layout and recommend how to maximize its functionality, ensuring efficient use of space.

Interior Design

We'll assist you in selecting the perfect color schemes, furniture, decor, and fixtures to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that suits your salon's unique style.

Budget Planning

We'll work with you to allocate resources efficiently for your design project, making the most of your budget while achieving your design goals.

Plumbing & Lighting Schemes

Our experts can help you choose the right lighting solutions to enhance your salon's ambiance while offering guidance on plumbing considerations, including sink placement and water supply, to create a well-lit, functional, and efficient space.

Retail Display Scheme

Our experts will design dedicated spaces for product displays and sales, maximizing your retail opportunities.

Salon Design

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