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Meet the Team

It’s our hope that this is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Let’s get the ball rolling by introducing you to the family who’s always going to be there for you with expertise, experience and reliable advice.

Richard Eichholz

President (Atlanta)

The only job Richard has ever had is working for Buy-Rite, and 49 years later, it’s still the one thing in his life he could never give up. Working with his father Harry Eichholz for decades (back when Buy-Rite was based in Savannah) taught him the importance of hard work, dedication and helping others. Above anything else, Richard wants Buy-Rite’s partners to be happy and successful. Over the years, he’s won many awards for manufacturers and salons alike and remains dedicated to philanthropy, staying very active with the United Way. When he’s not helping customers bring their dreams to fruition, you can find Richard playing golf, eating sushi or enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Adam Eichholz

Vice President (Savannah)

Adam worked in investment banking for five years at UBS, witnessing the worst of the financial crisis in 2007–2009. In 2010, he decided that he’d had enough and wanted to be with his family. He called his dad, Richard, and that day had a job with Buy-Rite. These days, he’s known as the serious one in the office (as well as for having great homemade lunches from his wife Katy), but he still gets a chill when he sees a client’s dream salon come together. He lives for music, the beach, playing golf and his beautiful daughter Aly and awesome wife Katy.

Jason Eichholz

Vice President (Savannah)

Before joining the family business, Jason was a CPA in New York City. He came back home in 2014, but his experience in the fast-paced NYC financial sector taught him how to handle anything. Always quick with a joke, Jason loves easing his clients’ anxiety about trying to start a business. Above anything else, he wants them to know that he and his family are there for them through every step. His passions include live music, traveling, playing golf (just like his brother) and taking up the fight against breast cancer by supporting the Susan G. Komen foundation. Jason married his best friend on Halloween of 2015, the sixth anniversary of their first date.

Lyle Mackenzie

Director of Sales (Savannah)

Lyle is the trustworthy friend you can always turn to for advice. He joined Buy-Rite after working in customs brokerage, importing jet engines from Gulfstream Aerospace in Europe. As a sales lead, his favorite part of the job is really getting to know clients, ultimately finding what they really need to make their dreams unfold. He serves as CCA of Jaycees and Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy and loves the outdoors, especially playing soccer, fishing and laying on the beach. When not outdoors, he loves cooking and spending time with his family.

Stephen Michael

Design Consultant (Atlanta)

Stephen burst onto the salon design scene in 2001 and since then has taken the world by storm. In fact, in 14 short years, he became the world’s most awarded salon designer, earning the respect of industry leaders and salon professionals on an international level. Born and raised in Georgia, his authentic Southern values have charmed his clients big and small. He’s outfitted everything, from individual stylist suites to full service salons, spas and schools—and even some famous clients’ home studios. When he’s not winning copious amounts of awards, he’s spending time with his family (i.e. getting way too competitive at volleyball).

Walter Triche

Sales (Atlanta)

Walter has been in the beauty industry since the early 1980s, and he loves imparting his vast wisdom to clients, some of whom include visionaries like DeShawn Bullard, Charles Gregory and Rick Walker. However, he considers his greatest highlight to be working with Richard since joining Buy-Rite in 2000. He remains passionate about the ever-changing beauty industry and always lets his clients know that education is the key to growing their businesses. He’s known for bringing personality to his work on all ends of the process, from the front office to the showroom to the warehouse. On his free time, Walter loves spending time with his grandkids and is an award-winning volunteer youth basketball coach.

Morris Palefsky

Sales (Texas)

In his 10+ years at Buy-Rite, Morris has stood out for his ability to provide mechanical and technical support as well as “outside the box” solutions for customers. Morris volunteers for Meals on Wheels, the American Cancer Society, the local food bank and many other organizations, but he considers his greatest distinction to be his “Father of the Year” award. He brings his penchant for education with him every week when he teaches Sunday school, but he would love nothing more than to impart some of the things he’s learned about the beauty industry to you when you visit the Dallas showroom.

Marilyn Britton

Sales (Savannah)

Marilyn is know around the office as the "glitter" and the "glue"! She has a personality that sparkles and the glue because she is good at filling in the cracks and holding the team together! Marilyn joined Buy-Rite in 2016 as part of the new Buy-Rite Team in Savannah, GA. She is a quick learner and has already become someone who everyone goes to in the office with a question. Marilyn is a proud mother of a teenage boy who is the light of her life. When she is not drinking red wine with her friends she can be found supporting her son in his many extracurricular actives, boy scouts, chess tournaments, art exhibits, math groups, coast pet rescue events, just to name a few!

Doris Jackson

Customer Service (Savannah)

Georgia born and raised, Doris is Buy-Rite through and through, having served clients with them for over three decades. After working in newspapers, she entered the beauty industry in the early 80s and found that she enjoys helping clients solve any and all problems they encounter. When not helping Buy-Rite’s partners realize their dreams, she’s reading books and treating everybody she meets with kindness and respect.

Jennifer Lanier

Shipping Coordinator (SAV)

Jennifer is known around the office for always having a smile on her face or laughing with her co-workers. Jennifer joined Buy-Rite in 2016 as part of the new Buy-Rite Team in Savannah, GA.. When she isn't working, Jennifer is playing with her adorable little boy Grayson. You can find them playing outside in the water, exploring or learning life together. Jennifer is originally from Roanoke, VA but has lived in Savannah since 2007. In her "spare" time Jennifer loves to try new restaurants and travel. She has an optimistic outlook on life and is always loving life to its fullest.

Celina Ortiz

Customer Service (Atlanta)

Celina is a fixture of the beauty industry, having served as Admissions Director for Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy before joining the Buy-Rite family. This Chicago native loves nothing more than traveling and being with her family, but when it comes to Buy-Rite’s partners, nothing is as important to her as customer service. Specifically, that means resolving any and all of their issues in a timely manner. During her time off, she’s exploring new adventures with her loving family.

Megan Lingo

Customer Service (Savannah)

Megan was born and raised in Northern Virginia and moved to Savannah in late 2016. Megan has been in the Customer Service Industry for the last 7 years and is a natural at identifying and empathizing with the client's needs. When Megan is not at work you will find her out about town shopping and checking out the local restaurants. She is also a lover of music, art and horror movies!

Hannah Johnson

Receptionist (Savannah)

Hannah has recently joined the Buy-Rite Team as the friendly "voice" behind Buy-Rite. If you call our office you are likely to be politely greeted on the phone by Hannah! Hannah just recently moved to Savannah by way of Syracuse. If you run into Hannah outside of the office she is likely to be exploring her new state with her fiance, playing music or reading!

Amanda Nates

Accounting (Savannah)

Amanda is a happy-go-lucky girl who’s always up for an adventure. Amanda joined Buy-Rite in 2016 as part of the new Buy-Rite Team in Savannah, GA. Amanda has had more than 20 years of accounting experience, and prides herself on being able to solve any problem. Amanda started her life in Columbia, SC but has lived all over the US, primarily the West Coast. She recently moved to Savannah, GA from Seattle. In her free time, you’ll find Amanda practicing meditation and yoga or boating and kayaking on the water.

Laura Garcia


Laura has seen it all, having lived in Minnesota, New York, Colorado, Hawaii, Alabama and Florida, where she worked directly with salon owners to help them better manage their finances and understand what actions they could take to build a stronger, more sustainable business. She then moved to Georgia and joined Buy-Rite, where she’s known for throwing great birthday parties. A true lover of the outdoors, she spends her free time planting trees, swimming in the lake or going on hikes with her husband and dogs.

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