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At Buy-Rite Beauty, we understand that providing exceptional service goes beyond skill alone; it requires the perfect fusion of comfort and functionality. Our meticulously curated collection of spa and salon stools and chairs is designed to enhance the efficiency of beauty professionals, with offerings from esteemed brands like Pibbs and Continuum Footspas. Experience the difference of superior ergonomics combined with modern aesthetics, tailored to seamlessly fit into any salon environment.


Our pedicure technician stools, known for their adaptability, promise uncompromised ease of movement and access. While prioritizing comfort, we also emphasize durability, ensuring each chair and stool sustains the daily rigors of a bustling salon, providing long-lasting service and value for your investment.


Top 10 Stools and Tech Chairs


Black Round Stool - Classic and versatile, this stool seamlessly blends into any salon or spa setup, offering both comfort and style.
Susie Technician Stool - Designed specifically for technicians, this stool promotes ergonomics and easy maneuverability across the salon floor.
White Round Stool - A timeless piece, its pristine white color brings a touch of elegance, ensuring comfort without compromising on aesthetics.
Pibbs 545 Butterfly Pedicure Stool - Merging style with functionality, it's an indispensable addition for those aiming for top-notch pedicure services.
Pibbs 549 Jojo Sr Pedicure Stool - Tailored for precision and comfort, it's the choice of professionals aiming for superior pedicure experiences.
Vibrant Black Tractor Seat and Chrome Stool - With its unique design, this stool promises not only comfort but also adds a modern touch to the salon's interior.
J.A.M. Technician Stool - Crafted for technicians prioritizing comfort, its ergonomic design ensures ease of movement and prolonged seating.
Pibbs 778 Pony Cutting Stool - Designed for stylists, this cutting stool offers a perfect height and comfortable seating, ensuring they can focus solely on their craft.
Pibbs 678 Mid Pony Stool - Balancing aesthetics with comfort, this mid-pony stool promises to be a cherished addition to any salon.
Pibbs 649 Jojo Sr Stool - For those who value superior quality and comfort, this stool stands as a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and design.


Guidelines for Making the Right Choice


When it comes to selecting the right stool or tech chair, various aspects should guide your decision. Here are seven pivotal considerations to ensure you invest wisely:

Ergonomics: Comfort is paramount. Choose designs that support the back and allow for prolonged seating without discomfort.
Durability: Ensure the materials used promise longevity, catering to the salon's active environment.
Adjustability: Flexibility in adjusting height or backrest can greatly improve the user's experience.
Design: Opt for styles that complement your salon's aesthetics.
Brand Reliability: Brands like Pibbs and Continuum Footspas have established trustworthiness in the industry.
Mobility: Especially for technician stools, wheels and swivel features enhance efficiency.
Price: While quality is crucial, ensuring you get value for your money is equally vital.


Why Choose Buy-Rite?


When you partner with Buy-Rite, you're not merely purchasing a product; you're investing in a promise. Our expertise in the industry guarantees that you receive:

Expertise: With our deep-rooted understanding of salon needs, we guide you to optimal choices.
Selection: Our diverse range ensures you find exactly what suits your salon's unique requirements.
Quality: Every product undergoes rigorous quality checks, promising durability and reliability.
Customer Service: Our dedicated team remains at your service, ensuring seamless purchase and after-sales experiences.
Fast Shipping: We respect your time. With our efficient shipping process, expect timely deliveries every time.


Need Help Choosing?


Still uncertain about your choices? Don't hesitate to reach out. Call us now at 1-800-477-6655 and let our experts guide you in building your dream salon, barber shop, or spa. We're here to make your vision come to life. Let Buy-Rite be the foundation of your success. Reach out now and transform your space into the salon of your dreams.

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