Happy Stylists, Happy Salon: 8 Ideas to Keep Your Stylists Smiling

July 19, 2023 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Creating a salon with a vibrant and positive atmosphere is essential for a successful business that relies on exceptional customer service. Ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of your stylists is a worthwhile investment in running a thriving salon, spa, or barbershop. Stylists lead busy lives, spending their days on their feet, engaging in friendly conversations, and delivering professional beauty services to their clients. When your stylists are content, respected, and properly supported, the overall ambiance of your salon will exude joy, friendliness, and warmth that will resonate with your customers. Explore the following practical suggestions to maintain the health and happiness of your stylists, fostering a “grouch-free” salon atmosphere.

Comfortable Salon Mats

Stylists spend most of their day standing, which can lead to fatigue and strain on their legs, back, and feet due to the hard salon floors. To alleviate the physical discomfort resulting from prolonged standing, it is crucial to equip your salon with high-quality, professional anti-fatigue salon mats. These mats are specifically designed to reduce the aches and pains associated with the hairstyling profession. Ensure the comfort of your stylists and barbers by providing them with anti-fatigue floor mats available in different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to suit the specific needs of your salon space.

buy-rite beauty antifatigue salon mats

Trolleys & Carts

Keeping your stylists organized with tools at their fingertips is another great way to help make their days easier and keep their client schedule running smoothly. Utilizing mobile salon carts and trolleys for quick and convenient access to tools that are used daily not only assists with keeping your stylists on track but also organizes their workspaces to stay clutter-free providing a clean and comfortable environment sure to impress your customers.

Hair Processors

Having the appropriate tools for the myriad of beauty services that your stylists provide can make a big difference in the efficiency of their workday, and speeding up these services can translate into more clients. More clients mean more money coming in for the stylists, and growth for the salon as a whole. Professional hair processors assist with coloring, bleaching, highlighting, and perming services, and will save your stylists time while offering the best results for your customers. With our wide range of hair processors and processing lamps, including wall-mount or mobile stand-up options with a choice of different price points, it’s easy to select the perfect one for your salon.

New Services & On-Going Training

Adding new services to your salon menu will generate immediate incremental revenue for both your salon and your stylists who can provide the new services. Scalp treatments, brows, makeup, and skincare services are all easy add-on services to bring incremental revenue to both your salon’s and stylists’ pockets. Most importantly, invest in training for your team on these new services so that your stylists confidently feel equipped to provide the new services. Invest in continuous training and education for your stylists. Offer workshops, seminars, and opportunities for professional development to enhance their skills and keep them up to date with the latest trends and techniques. This investment demonstrates your commitment to their growth and success.

Cutting Stools

Another way to take good care of your stylists is to use professional cutting stools to help with proper ergonomics and to reduce excessive bending over to ease symptoms of lumbar strain while they perform client services. Buy-Rite offers every conceivable type of stool or task chair across a wide range of price points and design styles, so you are sure to find the ones that will integrate perfectly into your space. Incorporating a stool or task chair featuring an attractive vinyl color will not only benefit the general well-being of your stylists and enhance their workstations, but also elevate the aesthetic of your space with a splash of color!


Selecting proper lighting is essential for any salon environment for setting the tone and ensuring a professional yet welcoming environment. Strike a balance between flattering, ambient lighting to make your customers shine and look beautiful along with focused task lighting at workstations and other high-traffic areas to provide the best light for the stylist so they can offer fabulous results while shampooing, cutting, or coloring. If your clients feel beautiful in the chair, the positive experience can bring repeat business and increased revenue. Appropriate lighting will infuse your space with warm illumination, improve essential services and accuracy, and support the mood your salon is trying to express. Still, most importantly, it allows your stylists to do their best work!

buy-rite beauty elite styling station with LED lighting

Shampoo Systems

Professional shampoo systems, such as backwash or side wash units, are crucial for creating a luxurious experience for clients and maximizing their comfort during beauty services. However, they also greatly benefit the shampoo technicians themselves. These systems prioritize ease of use, allowing technicians to work efficiently and minimize physical strain. With features that facilitate quick clean-up between clients, shampoo systems save time and ensure a hygienic environment. By considering the preferences and comfort of shampoo technicians, investing in these systems creates a positive work environment, leading to happier, more motivated staff who can provide exceptional service to clients.

Appliance Holders & Organizers

Close attention to small details can often have large results, and providing practical and cool appliance holders for your stylist workstations will do just that! While everyone certainly benefits and appreciates a clean, organized space, your stylists will thank you for giving them easy access to their tools. Being able to switch tools quickly, and having everything within reach and organized helps keep tools in their best condition, and lets your stylist perform their tasks with ease. Whether you prefer chrome appliance sleeves, unique twist tool holders, single or multiple options, or even trays and stands outfitted with appliance holders for easy mobility, Buy-Rite has options for you!

Prioritizing the happiness and satisfaction of your stylists is crucial for a successful salon. By implementing the ideas discussed in this blog, such as new equipment & organizers & ongoing training, you can create a salon environment that fosters joy, positivity, and a sense of belonging. Happy stylists lead to exceptional customer service, customer loyalty, and the overall success of your salon. Commit to continuously evaluating and adapting your practices to ensure your stylists remain happy, motivated, and inspired. Investing in your stylists’ well-being is an investment in the long-term success of your salon.

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