Tips for Attracting Mature Clients to Your Salon

October 18, 2023 | Posted by Meghan Smith

Most salons you see have the typical advertisements in their windows: gorgeous women in their 20s with long flowing hair or skin without a single wrinkle or blemish. Sure, these looks are appealing to younger women, but salon owners are missing out on mature clients who could be the most stable and loyal source of income. Mature clients are typically anywhere from 45-75 years of age and want to feel beautiful as their hair and skin change with the passing of time. 

The best news for you is that these clients like to try new services and love to splurge on themselves to feel beautiful. Another reason you want to attract mature clients is because they have the largest amount of disposable income. They typically will purchase products directly from their salon, try new services, and tip very well. These clients also have a large social group where they can share where they got their amazing haircut. The word spreads quickly in this community so leaving a good impression on these clients can really pay off. 

Marketing to and accommodating these clients could bring you lasting income that will ultimately sustain and grow your business. 

Advertising to this age group can be…tricky

This age group typically comes into the salon to feel like the best version of themselves. They don’t want to expect to come out feeling gray and frail. Your marketing message to these clients needs to steer clear of terms like “senior”, “elderly”, or “mature”. Silver-haired clients have earned their wisdom and strength and deserve to walk out of the salon feeling confident in who they are. The best tip for advertising to these clients is to visualize where they shop, what they wear, and how they spend their time. This will paint a clearer picture of their goals and what appeals to them. 

For example, advertising lash extensions might seem over the top for this age group, but many women face thinning lashes over time. Advertising that this service can look natural and enhance existing features will actually draw in your mature clients. 

It’s all about promoting beauty at any age. Looking young forever is an unachievable goal, and your job as a stylist or salon owner is to break women out of this expectation without defeating them. Aging isn’t a problem that you should aim to fix, but a quality to enhance in these women. 

Figure Out How To Reach Them

In today’s world, we are used to putting an ad on Instagram or creating a Facebook event to get the word out. However, mature clients typically tend to get their information in more tangible ways. 

One of the biggest ways to attract these types of clients is by word of mouth. If they see that their friends are looking and feeling beautiful after visiting your salon, they will want that for themselves. A great way to get people in your seats is by offering a referral program. For example, if a client brings a friend in, then they both receive 50% off of their services. The best part about this type of client is that they are typically loyal to their stylist once they see great results. This is a win for you because you just secured a client for potentially years to come. 

Another great way to reach these clients is to send them mail. 

That’s right, snail mail. 

This demographic of people loves things that they can touch, put on the coffee table, or put up on the fridge. Creating an attractive postcard to mail out would grab the attention of these mature clients. 

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Make Your Salon Easy To Maneuver

When your clients walk in, you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. Some of your mature clients may need a salon with more accessibility than regular salons. Typical challenges could be getting in and out of the chairs, walking to the shampoo area, or accessing the restrooms. As you are designing your salon, be mindful of these potential challenges. One way to make your salon more comfortable for these clients is to have open spaces. Having a cramped or cluttered salon poses a problem for getting around. Sometimes less is more! Maybe consider condensing your retail areas or choosing styling chairs that are more compact. As you are choosing your styling chairs, consider purchasing all-purpose chairs. This will allow your client to remain in this same seat for shampooing or any service where they have to lean back. 

Another thing to consider when choosing a chair is how spacious it is and how easy it is to get up and sit down. Opt for a roomier chair with a lot of support. Also, consider a footrest that is larger and more supportive. You might be concerned that the design of your salon will suffer because of these accommodations, but Buy-Rite Beauty offers a wide selection of chairs, stations, and shampoo areas that are customizable to fit your vision while being appealing to your mature clients. 

Attracting mature clients to your salon is a very achievable goal. It will add consistent clients that actually have the most disposable income. Buy-Rite Beauty is here to help! If you need help selecting the best furniture to accommodate these clients, feel free to reach out. We have over 86 years of experience, and would love to make your vision a reality!

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