Kid's Salon & Styling Chairs

Explore our unique collection of children's hairdressing chairs that are crafted with imagination and creativity to create unforgettable salon moments for young clients. We offer the best selection from Pibbs Industries with equipment made of top-quality materials and steel and metal frames. Our kid’s salon chairs are crafted with safety straps and ample height adjustability that emphasizes security so that both the stylist and parents can have peace of mind during their services. Our kid's styling chairs are available in an array of vibrant colors that draw the eye and create a fun and inspiring environment. Pair these kid salon chairs with a salon mat, styling station, and the necessary salon accessories to complete the kid’s styling area that will appeal to families and provide a space where children can explore their creativity.

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Kid's Salon Chairs & Booster Seats: Create unforgettable moments for young clients

When catering to your youngest clients, the choice of chairs and equipment significantly impacts their salon experience, and Buy-Rite Beauty excels in providing an exceptional range of kid's salon chairs. Designed to be safe, comfortable, fun, and engaging, these chairs, accompanied by matching accessories like booster seats, strike the perfect balance between form and function. Featured designs, such as the Pibbs 3270 Ragusa with adjustable height and safety belts or the whimsical Cloud Nine chair, cater to various preferences.

Buy-Rite Beauty stands out with quality assurance, an extensive variety of styles, dedicated customer support, customization options, fast shipping, and product warranties. For assistance in choosing the ideal equipment for your salon, contact our Salon Consultants at 1-800-477-6655.

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