Pedicure Chairs and Manicure Equipment for Cosmetology Schools

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Manicure Tables and Pedicure Chairs for Cosmetology Schools

Elevate your cosmetology school's learning environment with premium Manicure Tables and Pedicure Chairs from Buy-Rite Beauty. Our selection of durable and quality units provides future stylists with an immersive training experience using the same equipment they'll find in professional salons. Prepare your students for success by offering them the tools and experiences they need to excel in the industry.


Discover the Buy-Rite Cosmetology School program, designed to offer dedicated resources for beauty schools. When you choose Buy-Rite Beauty for your Manicure Tables and Pedicure Chairs, you're investing in durability, quality, and industry expertise. Our units are built to withstand the rigors of heavy student use, ensuring a reliable training experience that closely mirrors the real-world salon environment. Explore our selection below to create a dynamic learning space that truly prepares students for their careers.


Best Selling Manicure Tables and Pedicure Chairs for Cosmetology Schools


Pibbs PS92 Fiberglass Footsie Pedicure Spa - Offers comfort and functionality for an engaging pedicure training experience.
Mona Lisa Pedicure Chair - A classic and reliable option for comprehensive pedicure training.
Pibbs PS93 Footsie Pedicure Spa - Combines style and function for a realistic pedicure learning environment.
Pibbs PS43 Footsie Pedicure Spa with Roller Massage - Offers added features for an enhanced pedicure training setup.
Pibbs PS94 Anzio Pipeless Pedicure Spa - Modern design meets functionality, perfect for realistic pedicure training.
Pibbs PB1045 Martino Manicure Table - Offers functionality and style for comprehensive manicure training.
J&A Glass Top Manicure Table - Modern design and quality craftsmanship for a dynamic learning space.
J&A White Granite Top Manicure Table - A versatile option that adds elegance to your training area.
Savannah Manicure Table with Lamp - Offers functionality and practicality for an authentic manicure training setup.


Choosing Manicure Tables and Pedicure Chairs for Your School


When shopping for Manicure Tables and Pedicure Chairs, consider these key features tailored for beauty schools:


Durability: Opt for units built to withstand frequent use in a training environment.
Warranty: Look for units with comprehensive warranties to ensure long-term investment protection.
Brand: Choose units from reputable brands known for quality and reliability.
Color/Style: Select units that match your school's aesthetics and create a professional atmosphere.


Why Choose Buy-Rite Beauty for Your Manicure Tables and Pedicure Chairs?


Beauty schools trust Buy-Rite Beauty for these reasons:


Quality Assurance: Our units are crafted to endure the demands of intensive training sessions.
Reputable Brands: Choose from units by renowned industry brands.
Durability: Our units are designed for heavy student use.
Authentic Salon Experience: Prepare students for real-world salons with industry-standard units.
Expertise: Our extensive experience in outfitting beauty schools ensures your needs are met.
Personalized Support: Call our dedicated team at 1-800-477-6655 for tailored assistance.


Need Help Choosing Equipment for Your School?


For more information and personalized assistance, call our dedicated Cosmetology School Advisor at 1-800-477-6655.

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