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Pedicure chairs are the bread and butter of any nail salon. At Buy-Rite Beauty we offer an extensive collection of professional plumbless pedicure chairs to fit any salon or spa. A plumbless pedicure chair is a type of pedicure chair that does not require a direct connection to a water supply or drainage system. Instead, these chairs typically feature a removable basin or foot tub that can be filled with water manually. They are a perfect solution for salons and spas with limitations on plumbing capabilities and/or space.


Buy-Rite Beauty is established as a prominent authority figure in the beauty industry through our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch salon and beauty equipment. With 87 years of experience, we have garnered a reputation for delivering high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of salon owners and beauty professionals. Pedicure chairs are a high priority for us because we know how powerful they can be in any salon. We proud to offer the best pedicure spa brands in the industry like J&A U.S.A., Pibbs Industries, and Collins Manufacturing to offer the best selection possible to create your dream salon.


■ Comfort: We evaluated the client and stylist experience—how does it enhance the overall comfort for both parties?
Durability: We examined its resilience and longevity against use over time. Will it hold up against wear and tear?
■ Aesthetic: We explored customization options to align with your desired look.
■ Install: We evaluated how easy the chair is to install. How quickly can you begin offering pedicure services?
■ Affordability: We considered overall affordability – what is the investment required?


Why Stylists Love It: The Mona Lisa Pedicure Chair maximizes space in any salon due to its retractable design. The footbath can be tucked underneath the seat allowing the entire pedicure mechanism to be hidden. This chair can double as a pedicure chair or a waiting area chair. The backrest reclines with an adjustable headrest for client comfort. It also has the easiest installation process of any of our pedicure chairs.

Considerations: While this pedicure chair presents excellent value and offers a swift installation process, its design flexibility is limited, with only black or white color options available.

Shopper’s Tip: This is perfect for those looking to maximize space in their salon and still offer professional pedicure services, without the need for expensive plumbing installation, making it one of the best pedicure chairs for small spaces in the market.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs PS92 Fiberglass Footsie Pedicure Spa is built with client comfort at the forefront. It features an extra deep footsie bath, double heating elements, and a massage function. It swivels and reclines to accommodate all clients. It has a fiberglass shell for added durability that can be completely retracted to save space.

Considerations: This pedicure chair features a standard 6-function vibrating massage mechanism. For those seeking a more enhanced shiatsu massage experience, the Pibbs PS42 Pedicure Spa offers the same unit with upgraded massage features.

Shopper’s Tip: This chair seamlessly blends the traditional fiberglass pedicure base with vibrating massage function, providing a professional pedicure appearance and durability without the requirement of costly plumbing installation. Its slide-in/out drawer feature is also highly favored for space optimization when not in use making it very popular for those looking for a pedicure chair for limited spaces.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs PS93 Footsie Portable Pedicure Spa has a modern design that will stand out in your space. It includes a 6 function massage element, reclining capabilities, and an extra deep footbath to keep clients comfortable. It comes in two design options to fit into any space seamlessly.

Considerations: This pedicure chair features a wood-based foundation design. When considering this aspect, it’s worth comparing it to its sister unit, the Pibbs PS92 Fiberglass Footsiespa, which comes with a fiberglass base, offering a more traditional pedicure structure.

Shopper’s Tip: With its cherry-wood aesthetics, this pedicure chair boasts a timeless design that seamlessly complements classic and traditional salon aesthetics. Explore our Shop by Style collections to discover more aesthetic options that align with your desired look and feel.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs DG105 Portable Footsie Pedicure Spa is ultra-durable as it is made with fiberglass that will not leak. It has locking casters to keep in place during services. It comes with the Footsie Footbath that includes disposable liners for easy cleanup. It is very light and durable to promote efficiency and precision during pedicures.

Considerations: This mobile, rolling foot spa is sold separately from any massage or pedicure chairs, intended for use alongside any chair in the salon or spa. Ensure you have a plan in mind for which chair(s) you intend to utilize this with.

Shopper’s Tip: This is perfect for those who do not have the space or design for a full pedicure chair. It’s rolling pedicure spa design is a great space-saving solution and fits into many different salon layouts. Choose from our extensive collection of professional stools and task chairs to find a companion for this pedicure spa.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs PS10 San Remo Pedicure Chair is a stand-out piece that will set your salon apart. It has a modern design throughout with many color combination options. It has a swivel top for easy accessibility and the base retracts completely to conceal the footbath.

Considerations: While this pedicure chair excels in aesthetics thanks to its modern design and array of color combinations, it does not feature integrated massage functionality.

Shopper’s Tip: This modern pedicure chair offers maximum design flexibility with over 360 color combinations available, ensuring it complements any salon aesthetic effortlessly. Pair it perfectly with the Pibbs San Remo Manicure Table to transform this pedicure unit into an all-in-one pedicure and manicure station.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs PS9 Lounge Pedicure Chair w/ Vibration Massage puts client comfort as the top priority. It has extra thick plush upholstery with a motorized reclining chair back. This chair also features a massage vibration seat for even more added comfort. The base is completely retractable to hide the footbath and there are storage pouches on the front for technician tools.

Considerations: This chair offers limited design flexibility, being available only in black, and it also presents a somewhat unconventional appearance for a pedicure chair.

Shopper’s Tip: This pedicure chair distinguishes itself with the ultimate client comfort experience, akin to a blend of a home recliner, massage chair, and pedicure station.


Shopping for plumbless pedicure chairs is essential for modern salons. These chairs offer convenience and practicality without the need for traditional plumbing. Streamlined installation and maintenance make them a cost-effective choice. Considering design, features, and durability is crucial for a well-informed decision, ensuring these chairs meet operational needs and provide a comfortable pedicure experience.

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Uncertain about your specific needs? Read our comprehensive buying guide for expert help on How To Choose a Pedicure Chair or schedule a complimentary planning call with our design team today!





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