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Buy-Rite Beauty knows that the beauty industry is ever-changing and versatile which is why we offer an extensive collection of the best all-purpose salon chairs. These chairs are the all-in-one choice for salons, spas, and barbershops that offer multiple services. The biggest perk about these chairs versus a standard styling chair is that they can lean back, making them perfect for facials, waxing, eyelash services, and shaves. We have evaluated all of our options based on the most important criteria to present the top-ranked all-purpose chairs that will elevate your space instantly. As part of our chair collection the all-purpose chairs are perfect for all types of services. If you are looking for a different type of chair, check out our styling chairs, barber chairs, shampoo chairs, and dryer chairs.


Buy-Rite Beauty is established as a prominent authority figure in the beauty industry through our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch salon and beauty equipment. With 87 years of experience, we have garnered a reputation for delivering high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of salon owners and beauty professionals. We have done extensive research to create a curated collection of all-purpose chairs that will fit all major supplemental services in the salon and beauty industry such as hair styling services, eyelash services, waxing, and shaving.


■ Comfort: We evaluated the client and stylist experience—how does it enhance the overall comfort for both parties?
Durability: We examined its resilience and longevity against use over time. Will it hold up against wear and tear?
■ Aesthetic: We explored customization options, including colors and base options, to align with your desired look.
■ Cleanliness: We evaluated how easy the chair is to keep clean. How simple is the cleanup process?
■ Affordability: We considered overall affordability – what is the investment required?


Why Stylists Love It: The Icon All Purpose Chair marries design and functionality perfectly with its unique pattern on the sides. It creates a modern look with its sleek matte black vinyl. This chair has tons of design flexibility with six different base options and three different footrest options. Its springloaded reclining mechanism is reliable and durable for heavy use. This chair also comes in at a great price making it accessible to all salon and beauty experts.

Considerations: This chair’s square design could limit customer comfort for those looking for extra space. Another consideration is the reclining lever is on the right side only which might become difficult for left-handed stylists.

Shopper’s Tip: This is perfect for the modern salon looking for an afforadble and versatile chair to supplement you salon’s many services. It has design versatility to fit into any aesthetic seamlessly. Be sure to view the matching Icon Styling Chair and Icon Backwash Unit for design continuity.


Why Stylists Love It: The Sue All Purpose Chair is one of the best-sellers due to the durability and affordability that it brings to the table. This is a heavy-duty and versatile chair with the capability to recline up to 150 degrees. This chair has a nice wide frame to accommodate all clients. It also has two reclining levers on each side of the chair for both right-handed and left-handed stylists. This chair is accommodating to both the client and the stylist because of its design and features.

Considerations: This all-purpose chair is only available in one design option. If you are looking for something with more design options be sure to browse through our entire collection.

Shopper’s Tip: The Sue All Purpose Chair is the best fit for stylists or barbers looking for the most accommodating chair.


Why Stylists Love It: The Venus Gold All Purpose Chair will make a loud statement in your salon with its gorgeous design and detail. This reclining all-purpose chair offers eye-catching design details with its intricate stitch pattern and beautiful brushed gold armrests. It has a European and modern style that will make it the focal point of your space. It is also durable with a heavy-duty reclining mechanism for all of your services.

Considerations: This chair includes the gold armrests on all of the design options. If the gold look doesn’t align with your design vision, consider alternative accented chairs.

Shopper’s Tip: This is for the beauty professional who is looking for a beautifully designed chair with design flexibility. This chair is the statement piece your salon or spa needs. Check out our Gold Standard Collection to complete this look.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs 5946 Samantha All Purpose Chair is a versatile chair with a classic look. It has over 50 design options to customize it specific to your needs. It has gorgeous stained wood armrests that make this chair sophisticated. It is made in the U.S.A. with high-quality materials that will withstand heavy use. Stylists love it because of its design options and longevity.

Considerations: Due to its vast array of design flexibility with color options and durability focus, this chair has a higher price point.

Shopper’s Tip: If you are looking for a durable chair with a classic look, this is our top pick. Visit our Classic and Traditional Design page to complete the look!


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins 7710 All Purpose Salon Chair is one of our most unique chairs because it is designed specifically for clients with accessibility challenges. This patent-pending Access Chair has a unique footrest that is split into two halves and joined so that both halves easily rotate to the sides of the chair and out of the way. This footrest makes for a safer entry and exit for people who need this advantage. As an additional access feature, the arm of the chair is removable to permit a person to gain entry to the chair from the side; the arm can be firmly reattached to the chair for safety. 

Considerations: Because of the special capabilities of this chair, it does have a higher price point. It is durable and made with special materials and features to accommodate all clients.

Shopper’s Tip: This is the ideal chair for salons or barbershops with elderly clients or senior living salons. It lowers the risk of accidents so that your clients can relax and enjoy their service. Check out our resource for designing an assisted living salon for seniors for more tips and guidance.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs 3447 Cosmo Threading Chair is the epitome of comfort for both client and stylist. It has an extra tall backrest and tons of cushioning. This threading chair has lever-controlled reclining mobility with an extra-large 27-inch hydraulic barber base, making it extremely versatile and stable. Also, there are multiple design options to fully customize this all-purpose chair to fit your look.

Considerations: This chair’s square design could limit customer comfort for those looking for extra space. Consider an open armrest to allow your clients extra space to relax.

Shopper’s Tip: This is the perfect chair for beauty and barber professionals who want an aesthetic chair that is stable and durable that is made specifically for threading. As part of the Pibbs Cosmo Collection, this chair matches perfectly with the Pibbs 5234 Cosmo Backwash Unit, the Pibbs 3492 Cosmo Desk Chair, the Pibbs 3491 Cosmo Barber Chair, and the Pibbs 3469 Cosmo Dryer Chair.


The journey of shopping for the best all purpose chairs is not just a search for seating; it’s a quest for the backbone of your salon’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. The right styling chair seamlessly blends comfort, durability, and style, contributing significantly to the overall salon experience. At Buy-Rite Beauty, we recognize the pivotal role these chairs play in the daily operations of a salon. Our carefully curated selection ensures a perfect marriage of form and function, allowing stylists to work with ease and clients to indulge in comfort. This guide highlights our top picks that score highly on these crucial criteria for the best all-purpose chairs.

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