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Barbershop Furniture Packages: Barber Stations included with Barber Chairs, and more!

Welcome to our Barber Shop Equipment Starter Packages on BuyRite Beauty. Whether you're planning to open a fresh barber shop or intending to scale an existing one, this is your perfect starting point. Our comprehensive packages are curated with precision, blending some of our best-selling barber chairs with essential add-ons like stations, shampoo chairs, and bowls. Select from our array of packages, tailored for the number of operators, target audience - be it the youth or adults, and chair design preferences.


Why Choose BuyRite Beauty's Barber Shop Packages?


Starting or expanding a barber shop requires more than just passion - it demands the right tools and equipment. Our packages eliminate the guesswork, bundling together essentials based on your shop's size, target demographic, and design ethos. Not only does this ensure that every inch of your space resonates with functionality, but it also promises savings and a cohesive aesthetic. Our experts are on standby to guide you, whether you're picking a pre-configured package or crafting a custom ensemble with our package builder.


Our Top Barber Shop Packages


2 Operator Basic Barber Package: Ideal for compact spaces, this package caters to two operators with essential seating and stations.
3 Operator Basic Barber Package: Expand your service capacity with three operator stations, designed for medium-sized shops.
4 Operator JR Barber Package: Specially curated for young clients, this set ensures comfort and safety for junior customers.
4 Operator Basic Barber Package: Perfect for larger spaces, catering to a wider audience with diverse seating options.
4 Operator Silver Barber Package: A blend of luxury and functionality, this package offers top-tier equipment for a premium experience.
4 Operator Pibbs 659 Capo Barber Package: Experience the elegance and comfort of the Pibbs 659 Capo chairs complemented with matching equipment.
4 Operator Pibbs 658 Barbiere Barber Package: Dive into the classic aesthetics of the Pibbs 658 Barbiere chairs with a package that echoes tradition.
Set of 2 K.O. Professional Barber Chairs: A duo of professional K.O. chairs that promise durability and luxury in every inch.

Crafting Your Unique Barber Shop Experience:


For barbers with a distinct vision, we offer a plethora of equipment to design a shop that speaks volumes of your brand identity and customer-centric approach:


Barber Chairs: Our range encompasses traditional to contemporary designs ensuring maximum comfort for your clients. These chairs are built to last, with hydraulics and cushioning that guarantees a smooth experience for both the barber and the client.
Barber Stations: From compact wall-mounted units to expansive double-sided stations, our collection can cater to any space and functionality requirement. Built with efficient storage and durable materials, they form the backbone of a barber shop's operational efficiency.
Shampoo Bowls: Explore a variety of designs, from ceramic to acrylic, and features like tilting mechanisms. Our bowls are easy to clean, maintain, and ensure a mess-free shampooing experience.
Shampoo Chairs: Pairing seamlessly with our shampoo bowls, these chairs offer ergonomic designs ensuring client comfort during hair washes. Adjustable backrests and leg supports mean a relaxing experience for clients of all heights and ages.


Still unsure or have specific needs? Mold a tailor-made package using our custom package builder or reach out to us for personalized assistance. At BuyRite Beauty, your dream barber shop is just a click away.

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