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Wall-Mount Salon Stations: Designed To Mount

<p>Transform your salon into a pinnacle of style and efficiency with Buy-Rite Beauty's curated selection of wall mount styling stations. Meticulously designed, these stations cater to the needs of modern salons, combining impeccable aesthetics with space-saving attributes to create a harmonious work environment.</p> <p>Recognizing the challenges faced by salons with limited space, our wall-mounted solutions not only save on floor space but also exude an aura of sophistication. Furthermore, their elevated designs facilitate effortless daily cleanups, ensuring that your workspace remains uncluttered and pristine.</p>


What to Look for In A Wall Mounted Station


Material and Finish: Ensure the station is made from durable materials and offers a finish that complements your salon's decor.
Storage Solutions: Even with wall-mounted stations, having ample storage for tools and products is essential.
Customization: The ability to choose from various laminates allows you to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout your salon.
Size and Dimensions: The station should fit perfectly without overwhelming the available space.
Installation Process: A straightforward installation process will save you time and avoid potential damage.
Accessibility: Having easy access to tools and products will enhance the stylist's efficiency.

Why Buy Wall Mounted Stations from Buy-Rite Beauty


Quality: Our stations are crafted with precision, ensuring longevity and reliability.
Reputation: Trusted by countless professionals, our brand stands synonymous with excellence.
Selection: From coordinating all your salon furniture to choosing the right style, we've got you covered.
Customization: With over 40+ laminate options, match your station to your brand's aesthetics.
American-Made: Supporting local craftsmanship, a large portion of our collection is made in the USA.
Dedicated Consultation: Our sales consultants are eager to assist with customization, ensuring your station fits perfectly within your space.


Popular Wall Mounted Styling Stations


Omega 36" Vanity Styling Station with Mirror: Combining sleek design with impeccable functionality, this station is a salon favorite. Its mirror enhances the station's aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect fit for modern salons.
Omega 36" Blue Vanity Station with Mirror: Infuse a touch of color into your salon with this vibrant blue vanity station. Designed for salons that aim to stand out.
Ventura 36" White Vanity Styling Station with Mirror: Reflecting elegance and simplicity, this white vanity station complements any salon decor with grace.
Madison 36" Vanity Station with Mirror: An epitome of classic design, the Madison 36" station balances beauty and utility effortlessly.
Denali 42" Vanity Styling Station with Mirror: A slightly wider option, the Denali 42" provides additional space without compromising on style.
Madison 42" Vanity Styling Station with Mirror: The perfect blend of design and function, this station is both spacious and visually appealing.
Pibbs Lumina Gold Frame LED Salon Mirror with Storage Server: This station brings together luxury and practicality, with an LED mirror that ensures perfect lighting for stylists.
Pibbs Lumina LED Salon Mirror with Storage Server: A variant of the Lumina series, this station offers great storage solutions paired with top-notch design.
Pibbs Lumina Gold LED Salon Mirror with Storage Server: Infusing a touch of gold, this station is perfect for salons looking for a hint of opulence.
Pibbs 9220 Lumina Gold Frame LED Salon Mirror with Storage Server & Legs: Amplifying the luxury, this station comes with legs, making it a versatile addition to any salon space.


Need Help Choosing?


We're Here to Assist!If you're uncertain about which wall-mounted station aligns best with your salon's requirements, don't hesitate to reach out. Dial 18004776655, and let our experts guide you in crafting your dream salon. Remember, with Buy-Rite Beauty, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in a promise of quality and excellence.

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