Wall Mounted Styling Stations

Buy-Rite Beauty’s extensive collection of professional wall-mount salon stations is designed to be mounted directly to your wall, offering space-saving solutions without compromising style. Featuring models with full extension drawers, a built-in six-outlet power strip, appliance tool holders, and easy installation with minimal assembly, our wall-mount styling stations ensure convenience. Hand-crafted models in the USA with solid wood construction and spacious, easy-to-clean quartz countertops guarantee durability and elegance. Maximize floor space with a floating salon station while maintaining ample storage for organized tools. Enhance your styling area with a wall-mount salon station that is easily paired with any of our salon mirrors. Explore additional hair station configurations with other similar categories like mobile rolling stations, double-sided stations, free standing stations, and wet stations . Discover our top-ranked wall mount styling stations for guidance.

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Wall-Mount Salon Stations: Designed To Mount

Elevate your salon's style and efficiency with Buy-Rite Beauty's wall-mount styling stations, offering a curated selection designed for modern salons. These stations combine impeccable aesthetics with space-saving attributes, addressing the challenges of limited space by saving floor space and exuding sophistication. The elevated designs facilitate easy daily cleanups for an uncluttered and pristine workspace.

Popular wall-mounted styling stations include Omega 36" Vanity, Omega 36" Blue Vanity, Ventura 36" White Vanity, Madison 36", Denali 42", Madison 42", Pibbs Lumina Gold Frame LED Salon Mirror, Pibbs Lumina LED Salon Mirror, Pibbs Lumina Gold LED Salon Mirror, and Pibbs 9220 Lumina Gold Frame LED Salon Mirror with Storage Server & Legs.

For expert guidance in choosing the right wall-mounted station for your salon, Buy-Rite Beauty offers assistance at 1-800-477-6655, ensuring a seamless process to craft your dream salon.

Browse through our top-ranked double-sided stationswall-mounted stationsfreestanding stations, portable stations, and wet station collections for all styling station options.

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