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At Buy-Rite Beauty, we offer high-quality salon mirrors designed for both style and practicality. Crafted with precision, our mirrors provide the right lighting for hairstylists to nail every cut and style with accuracy while achieving the aesthetic that they want. We evaluated a variety of modern and classic designs to choose the top options that meet our crucial grading criteria. This curated collection includes all different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to give you the largest selection possible.


Buy-Rite Beauty is a trusted authority in the salon industry, renowned for our unwavering commitment to quality for over 87 years. Our extensive range of salon furniture and equipment includes high-end craftsmanship and durability. We stay ahead of industry trends and offer one of the largest salon mirror collections in the industry, ensuring our inventory aligns with the latest innovations in the ever-changing climate of the beauty industry.


 Client Experience: We evaluated the client and stylist experience—how does it enhance the overall efficiency and make the client feel?
Durability: We examined its resilience and longevity against use over time. Is it framed or does it have exposed corners?
■ Aesthetic: We explored customization options, including colors and shapes, to align with your desired look.
■ Size and Shape: We examined the length and versatility each mirror offers.
■ Affordability: We considered overall affordability – what is the investment required?


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs 9880 Sola Gold 36″ Round LED Salon Mirror is a glamorous piece that elevates the look of any space with its integrated LED light illuminating any space it touches. It has a sophisticated gold frame with a sleek round design. The LED light is the highlight of this mirror. The light is dimmable to give off the right amount of light at any time of day.

Considerations: Due to its round structure full-body length views can be limited. If your clients prefer a full-body reflection, scroll down to our Pibbs 9990 Aurora Gold LED Salon Mirror to still get the elegant rounded corners at a full-body length.

Shopper’s Tip: This is perfect for beauty professionals who want a modern and elegant rounded design with LED lighting built in. This mirror has a smaller footprint making it a great option for smaller spaces.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs Utopia 48″ Arched LED Salon Mirror is a unique twist on the typical LED mirror. It has a stunning arched top that makes it stand out. This LED mirror has adjustable lighting that frames the entire mirror. It is a long 48 inches giving clients more reflective space.

Considerations: It’s a bit elevated in price due to the curvature in nature.

Shopper’s Tip: This sleek mirror is perfect for salons who are trying to lean into the modern design of rounded edges while making your salon stand out with LED lighting and gold accents.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs Lumina LED Salon Mirror is our most versatile mirror option that will work in virtually any space. It has a modern LED light built into the frame, and this mirror is full-length to give your clients the most reflective space possible.

Considerations: With no additional design options, what you see is what you get with this mirror. If you need a colored frame or a different shape, this might not be the best option for you.

Shopper’s Tip: This is the perfect mirror to fit any space because of its neutral design. Whether you renovate or redesign your space, this mirror will fit seamlessly into your aesthetic.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs 9990 Aurora Gold LED Salon Mirror is an extra-large mirror with a full-length reflection and LED lights around it. The rounded top and bottom give it a sleek design for a modern aesthetic.

Considerations: This salon mirror comes at a higher price point due to the size and the built-in LED lights. If you are working with a tighter budget, consider one of our non-LED versions like our Collins M03 Indie Mirror.

Shopper’s Tip: This mirror is perfect for salons that want a statement piece that will stand out. Also, check out our Gold Standard Collection to find the perfect complimentary equipment.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins M03L64″ Indie Salon Mirror with Ledge is a stylish salon mirror with a built-in workspace. The ledge allows stylists to rest their tools right on their mirror without the bulkiness of a styling station. It is a space-saving solution for stylists who work with a lot of tools and products and also want design freedom.

Considerations: This salon mirror has a higher price point due to its additional features like countertop space, curvature, and aesthetic flexibility.

Shopper’s Tip: This is perfect for salons that are short on space and need a sleek mirror with a countertop. It still offers a full-length experience for the customer while allowing the stylist to work more efficiently.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins 6672 Lox Wall-Mounted Mirror with LED Lights is beautifully designed with a wide frame illuminated with LED lights. It comes in many different color options to fit into any aesthetic. This salon mirror is made in the U.S.A. with the most durable materials that will last.

Considerations: This mirror comes in at a higher price point because of its unique design, LED lighting, and design flexibility.

Shopper’s Tip: This is the best fit for salons looking to elevate the space with LED lighting and beautiful design. It has an unbeatable design with so many color options to compliment your salon vibes. Check out these six reasons your space needs LED lighting.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs Classic Salon Mirror is the epitome of less is more. It has a classic design with subtle dotted edges on the frame for added elegance. It is full-length which allows clients the maximum reflective space possible. This salon mirror is also extremely versatile in that it can be used by itself or alongside any free-standing salon styling station to accompany it.

Considerations: This mirror comes in silver or black with limited design and aesthetic flexibility.

Shopper’s Tip: If you are looking for a simple and elegant mirror at a great price point, this is the perfect option for your space. Browse our Classic and Traditional Collection to find the perfect pieces to compliment this mirror.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs Viola 60″ Rectangle Salon Mirror compliments any salon or spa with its simple design. It has a sleek frame that is customizable for a gentle touch of color. This salon mirror is extra-large for maximum reflective space for your clients. It can be paired with any styling station due to its classic design.

Considerations: There are limited color options for customization for this salon mirror.

Shopper’s Tip: This salon mirror is perfect for the beauty professional looking for something clean and sleek that will blend into any design.


Shopping for the best salon mirrors is not just about finding reflective surfaces; it’s about investing in a crucial tool that elevates the entire salon experience. Whether you prioritize precision in styling or seek mirrors that complement your salon’s aesthetic, the right choice can transform your space. With attention to detail, optimal lighting, and a diverse range of designs, our salon mirrors at Buy-Rite Beauty go beyond functionality to become statement pieces in your salon’s decor.

For LED Mirror lovers, check out our collection.

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