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In Stock and Ready to Ship Equipment for Your Salon or Barbershop

Welcome to Buy-Rite Beauty's Quick Ship program, your solution for high-quality salon furniture ready for immediate shipping. Recognizing the time sensitivity in the salon industry, especially during setup or expansion, our Quick Ship program offers a curated selection of premium products stocked and available from our main facilities in Savannah, Georgia. Ideal for those who require swift solutions or dislike long wait times for made-to-order items, our Quick Ship collection includes salon chairs, barber equipment, styling stations, shampoo chairs, hair dryers, spa equipment, and various salon accessories. These in-stock items can be conveniently viewed at our showrooms in Texas and Atlanta. Need it even faster or have specific requirements? Contact our dedicated sales team at 1-800-477-6655 for personalized assistance. Our goal is to ensure you receive the equipment you need promptly, helping you open your salon on time and within budget.

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