In Stock & Ready to Ship Shampoo Units & Bowls

Discover Buy-Rite Beauty's In-Stock, & Ready-To-Ship Shampoo Bowls and Backwash Units for your salon or barber shop. Make a statement with our in-stock backwash units featuring gold accents, tilting shampoo bowls, and intricate vinyl stitching designs. Designed with plush cushioning, our shampoo backwash units ensure your client's comfort during long services. Explore our ready-to-ship shampoo bowls and pedestals, making mounting a breeze with fully assembled options. Pair our ready-to-ship backwash units with our styling chairs, styling stations, dryers, and processors to complete your salon or barber shop. Our goal is to ensure you receive the equipment you need promptly, helping you open your salon on time and within budget.

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Explore Our In Stock & Ready to Ship Shampoo Chairs and Backwash Units

Explore Buy-Rite Beauty's specialized Quick Ship program, designed for salon professionals in need of prompt equipment without compromising quality. The In-Stock range includes a robust inventory of Shampoo Bowls and Backwash Units, ensuring top-of-the-line equipment without customary waiting times. Best-selling units like the Lexus, Luna Gold, and Shelby Backwash Units offer a luxurious blend of comfort and functionality. Considerations when choosing a shampoo or backwash unit involve balancing price and quality, trusting reputable brands, considering aesthetics, prioritizing functionality, managing space, and evaluating maintenance requirements.

Why Choose Buy-Rite? With years of industry experience, we guarantee quality, boast a dedicated customer service team, offer a vast selection, ensure prompt delivery through the Quick Ship program, and have gained trust nationwide as a reliable equipment provider.

For assistance in choosing the best fit for your salon, contact Buy-Rite at 1-800-477-6655. Trust Buy-Rite as a dedicated partner committed to realizing your dream salon.

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