Salon Design Tips & Ideas: Salon Shampoo Area Ideas

November 11, 2021 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

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Designing your salon’s shampoo area can be a challenge. You want to create a space for your clients to have a relaxing experience while having a functional, efficient space for your stylists. To design your perfect salon shampoo area, consider these design ideas for both stylist and client comfort.

What Your Stylists Need: An Efficient Space

Give Me My Space

When designing your shampoo area, keep in mind that generally a ratio of one shampoo unit to three styling stations is recommended. Make sure your stylists have the tools they need to do their job and give them the space they need to do it well. To measure out your space, leave at least two feet behind or to the side of your backwash or shampoo units for your stylists.

Visual Merchandising

Retail doesn’t usually sell itself – and the shampoo area is the perfect place to help boost your visual merchandising. Create a great space to display the shampoo and conditioner you are using for your client, instead of tucking it away from their view or having a messy arrangement of products. Keeping your products out in the open and neatly arranged will make them more appealing to your clients. Additionally, your color clients may be in the shampoo area for a long period. Why not create retail shelving that will be in their line of vision? It’s a great way to intrigue your clients and gets them thinking more about your great products.

Storage Solutions

You want your salon shampoo area to look clean and tidy. With the number of services done at the shampoo bowl, the only way to make this happen is with some great storage solutions. There are a wide variety of options to keep your salon shampoo area in tip-top shape. When deciding on your options, remember you will – at a minimum – need a place for shampoo and conditioner, clean towels, used towels, and waste such as wax strips and used foils. Lots of salons choose to have their color bar in the shampoo area, as well. If this is the case, don’t   forget your storage options to keep your color bar looking as fantastic as the rest of your salon! Check out some of our favorite options that will keep your backwash area free of clutter:

Bali Back Bar
This shampoo back bar is a stylish and practical choice for any salon shampoo area. The lower portion of this shampoo back bar features two large storage cabinets, a tilt-out soiled towel hamper, and two shampoo wells to store your shampoos and conditioners. The upper section features a 16″ backsplash and three large storage cabinets with adjustable shelves. The Bali Back Bar is a great choice if you’re planning on using backwash units in your salon shampoo area.

bali back bar

Collins Reve Backwash Shampoo Unit
The Collins Reve Backwash Shampoo Unit features a tip-out soiled towel bin and a molded bottle well for shampoos and conditioners. A unit like this is perfect for a salon going for a minimalist aesthetic or using wall cabinetry in their salon shampoo area.

salon shampoo area

Bali Double Pedestal Shampoo Unit
This double pedestal backwash is an efficient and modern alternative to traditional shampoo bowls and offers great, out of sight storage options. The base of this double pedestal features three lower cabinets for storage and two built-in shampoo wells for your products.

salon shampoo area

What Your Clients Need: A Relaxing Space

The with hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we all could use a little peace and pampering. So why not give that to your clients each time they come into your salon?

The Power of Color

Never underestimate the psychology of colors when designing your salon’s shampoo area. Color can completely change your client’s experience in the shampoo area – even affecting how long they feel like they have been sitting there. Choosing softer tones in your salon shampoo area versus the rest of your salon will create a unique, serene experience for clients while they receive their backwash services. Want to enhance that calm? Warm, soft, and earthy tones will help create a more peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.

Create Their Own Space

A salon is usually a fast-paced environment, but we don’t want our clients to feel that while they are getting some much-needed pampering at the shampoo bowl. A great way to give your clients the relaxation they want is by creating some sort of visual barrier in the shampoo area. While most salons don’t have a completely separate space for their backwash services, there are lots of design tricks you can use to keep the calm where you want it to be. If you have an open floor plan, consider a partition that allows the shampoo area to be its own space. Another great option is a change in your flooring material or creating a raised floor. If you’re looking to keep it simple, it is recommended that you keep your shampoo units off to the side and out of the way of the busiest areas in your salon.

Bring in the Green

Adding plants into your shampoo area can greatly benefit both your clients and your stylists. Studies show that plants help reduce stress, boost mood, increase levels of positivity, and improve productivity up to 15%! Not to mention – they’ll improve your salon’s aesthetic by giving your shampoo area a unique, natural, and brighter look.

A Luxurious Throne

It is important to keep your guests comfortable while they receive their services in your salon shampoo area. No matter the style of shampoo units you plan on using, there are a variety of comfortable options to choose from! Here are some of our favorites:

Pibbs Loop Backwash
The Pibbs Loop Backwash unit features a reclining leg rest, a large tilting porcelain shampoo bowl, and a thick cushioned tilting seat and backrest. This backwash unit is economical yet very comfortable and will add a fresh look to your shampoo area at a reasonable price.

salon backwash unit

Jamie Shampoo Chair
The Jamie Shampoo Chair is a lever-controlled shampoo chair that also has a kick-out leg rest for extreme comfort. This Chair has heavy-duty chrome arms for added support for larger clients. The chair also comes with an extra thick seat and back for additional comfort for your client. This is a great option when you’re looking to balance client comfort, style, and an economical price point.

salon shampoo chair

Collins Sann Comfort Backwash
The Collins Sann Comfort Backwash unit has all the bells and whistles that will surely make an impact on your client’s backwash service experience! It provides hands-on accommodations, from the motorized front-to-back adjustment catering to every height, to the motorized  footrest, to the tilting shampoo bowl mounted to the solid surface countertop. Let’s not forget the “dialed-in” ergonomic dimensions offering full customizable comfort!

salon backwash

The salon shampoo area should be a space where your clients can relax, and your stylists can do their job easily and efficiently. By balancing these two needs, you will be on your way to creating a perfect shampoo service space for your salon. If you’re looking for extra design tips for your salon shampoo area, give one of our experienced salon design experts a call!

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