7 Affordable Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Spruce Up Your Salon

April 11, 2023 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

April has arrived and that means tax season is in full swing. Using your tax refund to invest in your salon equipment may be a wise choice. Providing your customers with high-quality equipment and a comfortable environment can help you create a loyal customer base and make your business thrive. And while using your tax refund for enjoyable things like going on vacation, out to dinner, or clothes shopping can certainly be fun and rewarding, here are some other suggestions for using tax refund dollars in a more productive manner.

1. Chair Mats.

A salon chair mat brings joy & comfort to your stylists while protecting your shop’s floors from scratches & scuffs caused by the hustle & bustle of a salon chair base. These affordable chair mats are excellent investments for any shop looking to help reduce fatigue for their stylists while prolonging the lifespan of the space’s flooring.

2. Cutting Stools

Salon-cutting stools are excellent investments for any hair stylist looking to help support overall comfort and mobility. With adjustable height settings and a cushioned seat, these stylists’ cutting stools prevent lumbar strain while promoting a better cut by allowing the stylist to capture the right angles easily and for long periods of time during service.

3. Utility Carts & Trolleys

Salon utility carts are a must-have for any salon stylist that prioritizes organization, cleanliness, and decluttering. With multiple tiers and compartments, these mobile assistants provide ample storage space for all the necessary tools and products needed during service. By offering quick and easy access to their supplies, these storage carts improve stylist efficiency and reduce downtime. A salon trolley storage cart investment can streamline your workflow and create a more organized and professional salon environment.

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4. Lighting

Proper lighting is crucial in a salon and can help in making your customers look their best and feel glamorous! Consider upgrading your lighting fixtures to improve the ambiance of your salon or consider investing for the long-term by purchasing LED mirrors which are more energy-efficient and can save you substantial money on your utility bills over time.

5. Towels & Linens

A new batch of this small accessory can create a big improvement with only a small investment. Evaluate your salon’s towel offerings as high-quality towel and linen offers are essential for a salon or spa. Consider investing in some new, soft towels or comfortable capes for your customers to use during their visit. This will help enhance their overall experience and show them that you care about their comfort.

6. Reception Area Retail Display

A salon retail display is an excellent investment for any salon owner who wants to recoup their investment quickly by increasing their retail sales with a more impressive product showcase. The retail display showcases your products in an organized and visually appealing manner, making it easier for clients to browse and purchase. A salon reception display can also add a touch of professionalism to your salon’s waiting area, creating a more polished experience. Investing in your retail product sales will be sure to quickly pay for itself!

7. Hair Color Processor

Hair color processors can save any salon time and effort by processing hair color faster and more evenly than if you were to do it by hand, thus increasing your ability to service more customers while also providing a better service. This product will quickly pay for itself with the increase in salon revenue per client gained from this quicker and better service. Additionally, it can help you achieve more consistent and accurate results, which is especially important if you’re looking to achieve a specific shade or color.

By investing in new equipment, offering new services, or refreshing your spaces you can create a more inviting, efficient, and client-focused space that will help you stand out in a competitive industry. Whether you choose to focus on one area or invest in several improvements, the key is to choose investments that will provide the most value for your business in the long term. With a little creativity and planning, your tax refund can be a valuable tool for taking your salon to the next level and achieving your business goals.

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