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Explore our comprehensive selection of essential shampoo area parts and accessories, including shampoo towels, spray hoses, shampoo mats, and hair trap strainers. We offer top-quality shampoo bowl parts such as vacuum breaker kits for code compliance, shampoo bowl faucet replacements, and salon sink faucet parts, ensuring your salon's functionality. Enhance client comfort with chiropractor-developed shampoo bowl neck rests, and client footrest ottomans. Our shampoo parts collection also includes spray nozzles and other common sink parts. Browse our main popular shampoo area categories for shampoo bowls, shampoo backwash units, shampoo chairs, and cabinet storage for all of your shampoo area supplies. Don’t forget to browse through our Salon Design Tips & Tricks for the Shampoo Area for more inspiration, ideas, and advice.

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Shampoo Bowl Accessories, Parts, & Components

Buy-Rite Beauty recognizes the significance of the shampoo area in a salon, being central to cleanliness and client relaxation. They offer a comprehensive range of essential parts and accessories for shampoo bowls, ensuring optimal performance and an impeccable client experience. With a legacy of over 85 years, Buy-Rite Beauty collaborates with reputed brands like Pibbs Industries, Belvedere Maletti, Collins Manufacturing, and Marble Products to provide top-quality components. From spray hoses and shampoo hose nozzles to vacuum breaker kits and neckrests, their assortment caters to diverse salon needs. Buy-Rite Beauty prioritizes client satisfaction, offering expert assistance, a client-centric approach, and a vast selection of parts and accessories to address every salon's unique requirements. Salon owners seeking guidance can contact Buy-Rite Beauty's Salon Consultants at 1-800-477-6655 for personalized assistance in choosing the right products for their salon.

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