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Elevate your salon or barbershop with our diverse range of salon stations for sale, available in various designs and configurations, including free-standing, wall-mounted, or double-sided options. With over 150 color combinations, choose the perfect salon station to match your décor. Each styling station is equipped with ample storage and built-in appliance tool holders to keep tools and products neatly stored away. Discover creative designs like portable styling stations for extra mobility, wet stations with integrated shampoo bowls for space efficiency, gold accented finishes for opulence, and floating/hidden storage for a minimalistic look. Easy to install with very minimal assembly required, our salon stations offer the industry's best convenience and functionality. Pair with your styling station with a professional styling chair and mirror for a comprehensive workstation.

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Buy-Rite Beauty recognizes the crucial role styling and salon stations play in creating an exceptional salon experience. Their collection offers diverse designs, finishes, and styles to suit every salon layout, including single-sided stations for minimalism, wall-attached for space maximization, and double-sided stations for dual-stylist workspaces. These stations are equipped with built-in storage, holders, and electrical outlets, catering to modern stylist needs.

Key considerations for choosing a styling station include design and finish alignment with salon aesthetics, ample storage, electrical integration for convenience, station type based on salon layout, sturdiness for longevity, easy maintenance, and customization options.

Buy-Rite Beauty stands out with a commitment to quality, a strong industry reputation, a vast selection of coordinated styles, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and constant innovation to reflect industry trends.

Salon Consultants are available at 1-800-477-6655 to provide expert guidance for building your dream salon.

Browse through our top-ranked double-sided stations, wall-mounted stationsfreestanding stations, portable stations, and wet station collections for all styling station options.

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