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Buy-Rite Beauty: Brands We Carry

At Buy-Rite Beauty, we are committed to curating a collection of Brands that represents the pinnacle of excellence in the beauty industry. Our selection is meticulously chosen to reflect the best and most enduring names in the field, embodying quality, innovation, outstanding design, dedicated service, and an esteemed reputation.

For over 85 years, Buy-Rite Beauty has upheld these values in its pursuit of providing salon and spa owners with the finest equipment and products. Our commitment to elevating the industry and creating exceptional salon experiences is epitomized by the brands we proudly partner with.


Featured Partners

Adjust-A-Sink: Innovators of adjustable sinks that enhance salon efficiency and client comfort.
Amber Products: A leader in the beauty industry for over four decades, offering effective and result-oriented skincare solutions.
Athena Beauty: A prestige brand known for exceptional spa and salon beauty equipment designed for ultimate performance and style.
Buy-Rite Salon & Spa: Our in-house brand, backed by over 85 years of experience, offering top-quality salon and spa equipment.
Belvedere Maletti: A trailblazer in salon and spa furnishings, renowned for innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless designs.
Collins Manufacturing: Crafting salon and spa furniture since 1957, known for exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.
Continuum Footspas: Leaders in pedicure spa technology, committed to comfort, innovation, and spa success.
F & F Salon Equipment: Providing salon and spa solutions with a focus on functionality, style, and affordability.
Highland Machine: Crafting beauty salon equipment since 1940, with a dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.
J & A USA: Pioneering pedicure spa technology, creating luxurious and ergonomic solutions for spa success.
Jeffco Salon Equipment: Over 50 years of experience in crafting high-quality salon furniture with a focus on innovation and style.
Marble Products: A trusted name since 1974, offering a wide range of durable and efficient salon equipment.
Norvell Sunless: A leader in sunless tanning solutions, providing innovative and high-quality products for a beautiful glow.
Pibbs Industries: Renowned for their durable and stylish salon equipment, delivering exceptional performance since 1979.
Rhino Salon Mats: Creating industry-leading salon mats with unparalleled comfort, support, and durability.
Salon Ambience: Synonymous with elegance and design, offering a wide range of sophisticated salon furnishings.
Smart Step Salon Mats: Crafting salon mats with advanced ergonomic technology, providing unparalleled comfort to both professionals and clients.
Takara Belmont: A global leader in salon equipment, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs.
Touch America: Crafting spa and wellness equipment, known for their superior quality and exceptional client experiences.
Turbo Power: Renowned for their cutting-edge hair dryers and styling tools, delivering salon-quality results.
William Marvy: A trusted name since 1936, known for their iconic barber poles and durable salon equipment.

Need Help Choosing?


If you're looking to make the perfect selection from our esteemed partners, don't hesitate to reach out. Our experienced team is here to guide you towards the ideal solution for your salon or spa. Call us today at 1-800-477-6655 for expert assistance.

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