Amber Products Professional Spa Equipment

Discover the epitome of beauty and wellness with Amber Products, a prestigious brand available at Buy-Rite Beauty. Elevate your salon and spa services with our selection of premium Amber skin products, body care, and waxing solutions. Create a peaceful and relaxing experience with paraffin spas designed for hand, foot, and full-body services with quick melting technology. Prioritize time and flexibility with full depilatory kits that are easy to use on the go or in a spa. Pair Amber Products with essential spa items like facial and massage beds, all-purpose chairs, and spa accessories. For all things skincare, be sure to check out our entire Skincare & Spa equipment collection to find new spa equipment to take your business to the next level.

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Amber Products Spa Equipment

Immerse yourself in the excellence of Amber Products, a pioneering force in the beauty industry for over four decades. With a legacy built on collaboration with professional estheticians and skincare experts, Amber Products presents a comprehensive range of beauty equipment and accessories that deliver effective and result-oriented solutions. Having graced the world's premier spas, Amber Skincare is poised to support salons and spas of any size. As a symbol of quality and innovation for more than 40 years, Amber Products has consistently crafted products in partnership with estheticians and skincare specialists, standing the test of time. From prestigious spas globally, Amber Skincare now extends the luxury spa experience to your salon or spa. The name "Amber" pays homage to their inaugural product - the Classic Depilatory Wax, emanating the rich hue of amber. Explore the indulgent Amber Products Stone Heater Kit, designed for ultimate relaxation with warmed stones, or elevate your nail care routine with the efficient and stylish Amber Products Manicure Stand. Experience the luxury of deep hydration and softness with the Amber Products Paraffin Spa, or indulge in targeted paraffin treatments for hands and feet with the Amber Products Paraffinette. Revitalize your skin with the essential collection of revitalizing masques in the Amber Products Mini-Masque Spa Kit. For more information on integrating these exceptional products into your beauty and skincare routine, contact us at 1-800-477-6655, and let us guide you toward the perfect additions for your spa experience.

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