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Crafting an exceptional spa experience goes beyond just the treatments you offer. At Buy-Rite Beauty, we understand the subtle elements that can elevate a spa's ambiance, from the aesthetic appeal of our spa accessories to the ergonomic design of our stools. Whether you're an established spa or just beginning your journey, our meticulously curated collection of spa stools, carts, trolleys, and accessories promises not only style and comfort but also functionality. Grounded in quality, variety, and affordability, Buy-Rite is your trusted partner in helping your dream spa come alive.


Best Selling Stools, Carts, and Accessories


White Round Stool: A versatile and elegant stool, perfect for blending into any spa decor.
Black Round Stool: Embodying sophistication, this stool offers optimum comfort for technicians.
Susie Technician Stool: Expertly crafted for professionals, ensuring functionality meets design.
Pibbs 649 Jojo SR Stool: A testament to superior craftsmanship, ideal for prolonged use.
Pibbs 648 Technician Chair: Marrying comfort with design, this chair ensures a seamless spa experience.
Pibbs 646 Ergonomic Stool: Designed keeping the technician's comfort in mind, ensuring they can focus on their art.
Gemini Floor Lamp: Illuminate your workspace with this modern and efficient floor lamp.
Pibbs D4W Work Cart (White): A sleek white cart providing ample storage for spa essentials, ensuring everything is within arm's reach.
J&A Glass Top Spa Trolley: Elegant glass top trolley, an epitome of style and utility combined.
Pibbs ART57 Metal Mayo Utility Tray: Robust metal tray ideal for keeping tools and products organized during treatments.


6 Tips for Choosing a Stool for Your Professional Spa


Ergonomic Design: Ensure the stool supports the natural curve of the spine to prevent backaches.
Height Adjustability: Choose a stool that offers height adjustments to cater to different tasks and users.
Material: Opt for durable and easy-to-clean materials that can withstand frequent use.
Stability: A stool with a sturdy base ensures safety and reduces the risk of tipping over.
Wheel Functionality: Smooth-rolling casters allow easy movement and multitasking without any hitches.
Style: The stool's design should complement your spa's decor and ambiance.


Reasons to Buy Stools, Carts, and Accessories from Buy-Rite Beauty


Unparalleled Quality: Our products are crafted with precision, promising longevity.
Vast Selection: Ranging from stools to carts, our inventory caters to all your spa needs.
Competitive Pricing: Quality products at prices that won't break the bank, guaranteed.
Trusted Brand: Professionals across the beauty industry trust us for their equipment needs.
Customer Support: Our team is dedicated to helping you make the best choices for your spa.
Functional Design: Products that look good and work efficiently.
Customization: With various styles and colors, find products that resonate with your spa's theme.


Don't See What You Need?


If you can't find the specific product you're looking for, don't worry! Call and speak to a Spa Specialist at 1-800-477-6655 who can guide you in choosing the perfect equipment for your spa.

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