Hair Steamers for Salons

Enhance your salon’s services with our professional hair steamer collection from Buy-Rite Beauty. These salon hair steamers emit gentle steam to deeply moisturize and condition hair, promoting overall hair health and maximizing the effectiveness of deep conditioning treatments. Available in mobile and wall-mount versions, our hair steamers feature oversized tilting hoods, height-adjustable bases with non-tipping casters, and water runoff containers. Models come with up to five temperature levels for versatility, catering to various hair types. Built with high-quality mechanisms for durability, these hair steamer machines expand hair microcells, allowing product nutrition to penetrate effectively. With built-in timers and adjustable height, Buy-Rite Beauty’s salon hair steamer models accommodate to all client needs. Explore more equipment for drying and coloring processing, such as hair color processors, hooded hair dryers, and dryer chairs.

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Salon Hair Steamers & Hydrators: Built To Promote Hair Health

Buy-Rite Beauty presents an advanced collection of professional salon hair steamers, inviting salon owners to create a haven of luxurious hair care and relaxation. These meticulously designed steamers prioritize deep conditioning, enhancing hair vitality and ensuring a memorable salon experience. From the Melissa Hair Steamer's ergonomic design to the eco-friendly Pibbs 126 EcoVap, the collection caters to diverse needs.

Buy-Rite Beauty guarantees quality assurance, a range of options, expert guidance, competitive pricing, reliable customer service, and a trusted reputation among salon professionals. For those unsure about their choice, Salon Consultants are available at 1-800-477-6655 to assist in selecting equipment aligned with salon aspirations.

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