Free Standing Salon Stations

Explore our assortment of freestanding salon stations designed for standalone use. Our freestanding styling stations prioritize functionality and elegance and feature easy-access built-in appliance tool holders, full-length mirrors, and ample storage for your convenience. Enjoy the modern and minimalistic aesthetic with hidden server storage behind the mirror for a clutter-free appearance. Built-in power outlet strips ensure seamless connectivity for any freestanding salon station. With over 100 color combination options, including popular trends like gold accents, distressed wood, and metallic finishes, you can personalize your space to fit your style effortlessly. Explore our range of free-standing salon stations, including floating barber stations, along with other similar categories like mobile rolling stations, double-sided stations, wall-mount stations, and wet stations. See which stations are currently trending in our top-ranked freestanding stations guide.

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Free-Standing hair Salon Stations: Set, Secure, & Style!

Buy-Rite Beauty offers freestanding styling stations that embody a perfect fusion of style and functionality for beauty salons. Unlike wall-mounted counterparts, these stations make a distinctive statement by standing proudly in the middle of the salon, delivering both elegance and practicality. The freestanding styling stations come in diverse designs and exquisite finishes, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and pragmatism. With ample storage for tools, provisions for holders, and integrated electrical outlets, these stations redefine the salon experience, echoing a commitment to excellence.

Key considerations for choosing a freestanding styling station include design and finish alignment, efficient storage, built-in electrical outlets for convenience, quality materials for longevity, customizability for unique touches, and easy maintenance for a hygienic environment.

Buy-Rite Beauty stands out for its renowned quality, trusted reputation, extensive selection of coordinated styles, expert guidance, unwavering customer support, and innovative designs that evolve with industry trends. Top-selling freestanding styling stations include Allegro, Elite with LED Mirror, Maxim Gold, Maxim, Maxim with Ledge, Omni with Mobile Base, Empire Single-Sided, Bali Tall Gold, Bali Tall, and Zeus with Mobile Base & LED Mirror.

For expert guidance in choosing the perfect station for your salon, Buy-Rite Beauty provides assistance at 1-800-477-6655, ensuring a seamless buying experience toward realizing your dream salon.

Browse through our top-ranked double-sided stationswall-mounted stationsfreestanding stations, portable stations, and wet station collections for all styling station options.

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