Pedicure Chairs & Manicure Stations for Senior Living Facilities

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Manicure Equipment and Pedicure Chairs for Senior Living Salons

Explore our dedicated collection of Manicure Equipment and Pedicure Chairs, thoughtfully designed to cater to senior living, assisted living, and retirement homes. As senior living facilities embrace the need for on-site salon services, our range of equipment offers a blend of comfort, durability, and accessibility. Elevate the salon experience for your senior residents with quality solutions that reflect your commitment to their well-being.


Your Partner in Senior Living Salon Excellence: The Buy-Rite Senior Living Salon program is your trusted source for creating a salon environment that meets the unique requirements of seniors. By choosing Manicure Equipment and Pedicure Chairs from Buy-Rite Beauty, you invest in top-tier products renowned for their longevity and comfort. With years of industry expertise, we're here to guide you in creating a salon space that enhances the beauty and relaxation experiences for your senior residents.


Top Ten Manicure Equipment and Pedicure Chairs for Senior Living Centers


Mona Lisa Pedicure Chair: Designed for comfort and accessibility, the Mona Lisa chair is a perfect addition to senior living salons.
Pibbs PS10 San Remo Footsie Pedicure Spa: The San Remo spa combines comfort and practicality, making it ideal for seniors.
Pibbs PS93 Footsie Pedicure Spa: The PS93 spa provides a relaxing experience, perfect for senior residents.
Pibbs PS92 Fiberglass Footsie Pedicure Spa: This spa's durable design and accessibility features cater to senior clientele.
Pibbs PS42 Fiberglass Footsie Pedicure Spa with Roller Massage: The PS42 spa offers therapeutic benefits along with comfort for senior residents.
Pibbs PS94 Anzio Pipeless Pedicure Spa: The Anzio spa's pipeless system ensures hygiene and comfort for senior clients.
Savannah Manicure Table with Lamp: The Savannah table combines functionality and style, enhancing the manicure experience for seniors.
Atlantic Manicure Table with Lamp: The Atlantic table offers convenience and elegance for senior residents during manicure sessions.
J&A Glass Top Manicure Table with Draft Vent: The J&A table's thoughtful design ensures a comfortable and well-ventilated environment.
Collins E1152 Essentials Nail Table: The Essentials table offers practicality and comfort, perfect for senior living facilities.
Pibbs DG105 Fiberglass Portable Footsie Pedicure Spa: The DG105 spa's portability and accessibility features cater to the needs of senior clients.


Choosing Manicure and Pedicure Equipment for Your Senior Living Salon


Selecting Manicure Equipment and Pedicure Chairs for your senior living facility involves prioritizing features such as comfort, durability, accessibility, brand reputation, and color/style options. Look for professional-grade options with extended warranties, trusted brands known for their quality, and designs that cater to the unique needs of senior clientele.


Why Buy from Buy-Rite Beauty


Experience the Buy-Rite advantage for your senior living salon's Manicure Equipment and Pedicure Chair needs:


Industry Expertise: With decades of experience, we understand the nuances of senior living salon requirements.
Durable Selection: Our products are built to withstand frequent use, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Reputable Brands: We offer equipment from trusted brands known for quality and comfort.
Customization Options: Choose from various color and style options to match your salon's ambiance.
Responsive Support: Our team is here to assist you in choosing the perfect Manicure Equipment and Pedicure Chairs for your facility.
Guidance from Experts: For personalized guidance, call us at 1-800-477-6655. Our experts are ready to help you create a senior-friendly salon that exceeds residents' expectations.


Need Help Choosing Equipment for Your Facility?


Designing a salon space that caters to the comfort and well-being of senior residents is paramount. For tailored advice and expert assistance, call us at 1-800-477-6655 and let us guide you through the selection process.

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