In Stock & Ready to Ship Barber Equipment

Discover Buy-Rite Beauty's premier collection of In-Stock, & Ready-To-Ship Barber Equipment, tailored for barbers who prioritize both style and efficiency. Browse through our selection of professional barber chairs that have a sleek all-black look making them versatile. Explore in-stock design options that range from modern, classic, and retro with gold and metallic options that make a statement. Our barber chairs are heavy-duty and stable with adjustable headrests and reclining mechanisms to accommodate all clients. Complete your barbershop with our ready-to-ship barber poles and towel warmers to elevate the client experience. For more tips and advice, check out our resource on how to open a stand-out barber shop or contact our industry experts who are happy to help.

Sales & Clearance Best Sellers

Explore Our In Stock & Ready to Ship Barber Equipment

Buy-Rite Beauty's commitment to barbershops everywhere is evident in our Quick Ship program. Catering to professionals who seek to elevate their craft and workspace in record time, our program ensures that you don't have to compromise between quality and speed. The Buy-Rite team recognizes the importance of every component in a barbershop — from the chair that offers unparalleled comfort to the meticulously designed stations. With our vast array of in-stock Barber Equipment, from chairs to stations, we assure both functionality and style.


Our inventory is a blend of timeless classics and modern aesthetics, ensuring that every barber can find the equipment that matches their vision. And the best part? All these are ready to be shipped, ensuring your barbershop transformation isn't delayed.


Best Selling Quick Ship Barber Chairs and Equipment


K-O Professional Barber Chair: Robust and comfortable, the K-O chair exemplifies the perfect blend of form and function.

Alesso Professional Barber Chair: Marrying sleek design with supreme comfort, Alesso is every barber's dream chair.

Aviator Professional Barber Chair: A nod to vintage designs, Aviator promises both nostalgia and optimum functionality.

Maddox Professional Barber Chair: Contemporary in design with a promise of longevity, Maddox is an investment in comfort.

Cadillac Professional Barber Chair: Like its namesake, this chair spells luxury and reliability in every stitch.

Zeus Gold Professional Barber Chair: Elegance meets comfort in Zeus, a chair designed for gods and perfect for your clients.

Black Diamond Professional Barber Chair: A modern masterpiece offering a fusion of style and functionality.

Pibbs 148 Original Barber Pole: An essential accessory, Pibbs brings authenticity to your barbershop's ambiance.

Melinda Hot Towel Cabinet with UV: Ensure a warm, luxurious experience for your clients with Melinda's state-of-the-art towel cabinet.

Martina UV Sterilizer: Prioritize hygiene without compromising on space with Martina's compact design and efficient sterilization.


Considerations when Choosing a Barber Chair


Price: While affordability is key, it's essential to prioritize quality and ensure your investment stands the test of time.

Quality: Superior craftsmanship not only promises durability but enhances your client's experience too.

Brand: Aligning with a trusted brand guarantees after-sales support and overall satisfaction.

Aesthetics: Your chair should resonate with your shop's ambiance and make a statement of its own.

Functionality: Consider features like reclining options, swivel base, and footrest for optimum client comfort.

Size: A chair should fit seamlessly into your workspace without hindering movement or workflow.

Adjustability: Customizable height and backrest angles ensure that the chair caters to clients of all sizes.

Why Choose BuyRite?


Unmatched Quality: Every product on BuyRite undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring only the best for our customers.

Vast Selection: With a plethora of choices, we cater to every barber's unique taste and requirement.

Stellar Reputation: Years of consistent service and top-notch products have made us a favorite among professionals.

Unbeatable Customer Service: From purchase to post-sales queries, our dedicated team has got you covered.

Competitive Pricing: Luxury doesn't always mean exorbitant prices. We ensure value for every dollar spent.

Deep Industry Knowledge: Being at the forefront of the industry, we understand the evolving needs of barbers and consistently update our offerings.


Need Help Choosing?


If the plethora of choices leaves you puzzled, don't fret. Reach out to us at 18004776655. Let Buy-Rite guide you in sculpting your dream barbershop with unparalleled finesse and functionality.

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