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February 24, 2020 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

Opening a new barber shop is exciting, but it can be a challenge keeping track of all the essential equipment you need to be ready for your grand opening. Our experts at Buy-Rite put together a list of barber shop supplies to help you stay organized and make sure you have everything you need for a successful grand opening!

Reception Area Essentials

Before you can get clients in your chair, they need to know you’re open for business! Your barber shop equipment list starts before your client walks through the door. Get started with a great logo, professional signage, and of course, a barber pole! Once your clients come inside your barber shop, you will want a welcome mat to keep your shop clean, and keep your floors from becoming slippery when it is raining or snowing.

In your reception area, you will want comfortable seating for your clients while they wait for their service. Take your time to choose a great reception desk that will be able to keep your reception area tidy, and has the space for your POS system or cash register, your appointment books, telephone, and any other supplies you’d like to keep in your reception area. Don’t forget about picking out a nice retail display that will highlight your retail products and catch your clients’ eyes while they are waiting for their service!

Everything You Need for A Barber Shop Reception Area:

• Outdoor Signs
• Barber Pole
• Hours Signage
• Welcome Mat
• Reception Seating & Furniture
• Reception Desk
• POS System/Cash Register
• Appointment Book/Scheduling Software
• Telephone
• Business Cards
• Retail Shelving
• Lighting

barber true north barber shop

Photo: True North Barber Shop

Necessities For During Service

When giving your client a service, you will – at a minimum – need a barber chair and barber station. Find a barber shop chair that fits your unique needs and will provide long-lasting benefits for both you and your clients. If you want to have all of your essentials in one place, consider purchasing a barber wet station, which will include drawers and surface space for tools, a sink, and a mirror. If you prefer to separate your shampoo services from your barber styling station, a comfortable backwash unit model is a great option for you and your clients.

Depending on the services you provide, you may want to purchase a hot towel warmer to give your clients a luxurious experience. A final essential piece of equipment you can’t forget is a nice sanitizer for your equipment, so you stay up to code and keep your tools clean for each new client.

Essential Furniture & Equipment for a Barber Shop:

• Barber Chair
• Barber Station
• Mirror
• Sink/Backwash Unit
• Sanitizer
• Hot Towel Warmer
• Hair Vacuum/Broom & Dustpan
• Trash Bin

barber shop equipment list

Photo: SHED Barber Shop East

Once you’ve got all your essential barber shop equipment, don’t forget your tools! You will want top-quality clippers, trimmers, scissors, and straight razors to assist you in performing your services to the best of your ability. Pick up plenty of combs, towels, and a few spare capes. Last but definitely not least – find the perfect hair and beard care retail products that fit your barber shop and your clients’ needs!

All Of the Tools Every Barber Needs:

• Clippers
• Trimmer
• Scissors
• Straight Razor
• Towels
• Combs
• Duster Brush
• Disinfectant & Jar
• Cape
• Hair Dryer
• Hair & Beard Care Products

Looking for more information to go beyond checking off all the boxes on your essential barber shop equipment list? Check out our 6 Tips for Opening a Stand-Out Barber Shop, and the Top 8 Things to Consider When You’re Buying a Barber Chair on our blog – or give one of our salon and barber shop experts a call today!

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