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Vintage and Retro Salon Furniture

Embark on a journey through time with our Vintage and Retro Salon Furniture collection, where timeless elegance and nostalgic charm converge. From vintage barber chairs to retro salon equipment and old-timey stations, our selection caters to new barbershops and salons seeking a touch of history. Vintage salon chairs evoke an iconic look with plush seats and larger stands reminiscent of the early 20th or even 19th century. Retro salon chairs transport you to the 60s with distinct styles, some embracing a mid-century modern look. Whether aiming for an "old school" vibe or exploring rustic/industrial aesthetics, our collection offers choices to match every vintage and retro salon vision.

The Mid-Century Modern design movement emerged during the mid-20th century, prioritizing simplicity, functionality, and organic shapes. With clean lines, minimalist forms, and a connection to nature, mid-century modern design creates an enduringly elegant atmosphere.

Featured Vintage/Retro Products include the Atlas Styling Chair, Antica Styling Chair, Regal Professional Barber Chair, Chelsea Backwash Unit, and Pibbs 148 Original Barber Pole, each embodying vintage or retro charm.

Top tips for Vintage and Retro Design include embracing iconic silhouettes, incorporating antique details, using period-appropriate accessories, mixing and matching with modern elements, choosing a warm color palette, focusing on vintage-inspired lighting, and showcasing artifacts for a historical ambiance.

Ready to embrace nostalgia? Explore our Vintage and Retro Salon Furniture collection by calling us at 1-800-477-6655. Let us assist you in crafting a salon that embodies the charm of vintage and retro design.


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