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Vintage and Retro Salon Furniture

Step back in time with our Vintage and Retro Salon Furniture collection, where timeless elegance and nostalgic charm converge. From vintage barber chairs to retro salon equipment and old-timey stations, our selection offers fashionable choices for new barbershops and salons seeking a touch of history. Vintage salon chairs exude an iconic look with plush seats and larger stands reminiscent of the early twentieth or even nineteenth century. Retro salon chairs transport you to the 60s with their distinct styles, some even embracing a mid-century modern look. Whether you're going for an "old school" vibe or exploring rustic/industrial aesthetics, our collection has something to match every vintage and retro salon vision.


Mid-Century Modern Design: A Glimpse of Timeless Aesthetics


The Mid-Century Modern design movement emerged during the mid-20th century and remains a beloved style that prioritizes simplicity, functionality, and organic shapes. It draws inspiration from the design principles of the past while embracing a forward-thinking approach. With clean lines, minimalist forms, and a connection to nature, mid-century modern design creates an atmosphere of elegance that stands the test of time.


Featured Vintage/Retro Products:


Atlas Styling Chair: The Atlas Styling Chair embodies vintage charm with its plush seat and classic design. It's a perfect addition to salons seeking a nostalgic touch.

Antica Styling Chair: The Antica Styling Chair captures retro elegance with its unique silhouette and timeless appeal. It's a statement piece that harks back to a bygone era.

Regal Professional Barber Chair: The Regal Professional Barber Chair exudes vintage grandeur with its ornate details and luxurious upholstery. It's a masterpiece of timeless style.

Chelsea Backwash Unit: The Chelsea Backwash Unit offers a mix of vintage charm and modern functionality. Its classic design and practical features make it an essential piece.

Pibbs 148 Original Barber Pole: Embrace the nostalgia of yesteryears with the Pibbs 148 Original Barber Pole. Its iconic design adds a vintage touch to your salon's exterior.


Top Tips for Vintage and Retro Design:


Embrace Iconic Silhouettes: Opt for furniture with classic shapes and silhouettes that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Antique Details: Incorporate vintage details like ornate carvings, tufted upholstery, and intricate patterns.

Period-Appropriate Accessories: Decorate with accessories that match the era you're drawing inspiration from, such as vintage signs and retro artwork.

Mix and Match: Combine vintage and retro pieces with modern elements to create a balanced and unique atmosphere.

Warm Color Palette: Choose warm and rich colors that reflect the tones popular in the era you're emulating.

Focus on Lighting: Incorporate vintage-inspired lighting fixtures that add warmth and create a nostalgic ambiance.

Showcase Artifacts: Display antique barber tools, old advertisements, and other artifacts to immerse your salon in history.


Ready to Embrace Nostalgia? Contact Us Today!


Explore our Vintage and Retro Salon Furniture collection and transport your salon to a bygone era. For more information on creating a salon that captures the essence of history, call us at 1-800-477-6655. Let us help you craft a salon that embodies the charm of vintage and retro design.

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