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At Buy-Rite Beauty, our selection of barber chairs caters to all types of barbershops whether you need something classic or a standout piece that will get the job done. Barber chairs are unique from other styling chairs because of their size, durability, and reclining features. These chairs are where the magic happens in a barbershop from shaves to haircuts. There are many options of barber chairs out there so it might get hard to streamline what exactly your shop needs out of a chair. We took the top five most important categories and ranked our top picks that stand out against the crowd as the best of the best. If you are looking for a different type of chair, be sure to check out our styling chairs, all-purpose chairs, shampoo chairs, and dryer chairs. If you are looking for more barber equipment and supplies be sure to check out our barber section.


Buy-Rite Beauty is a standout authority in the beauty industry, renowned for our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality salon and barbershop equipment. With 87 years of experience, partnerships with major brands, and a keen understanding of industry trends, we offer everything needed for salon owners and beauty professionals. Our collection of barber chairs includes only the top name brands like Buy-Rite Beauty, Collins Manufacturing, Pibbs Industries, and Takara Belmont.


■ Comfort: We evaluated the client and barber experience—how does the barber chair enhance the overall comfort for both parties?
Durability: We examined these barber chairs resilience and longevity against use over time. Will it hold up against wear and tear?
■ Aesthetic: We explored customization options, including colors and base options, to align with your desired look.
■ Cleanliness: We evaluated how easy the barber chair is to keep clean. How simple is the cleanup process?
■ Affordability: We considered overall affordability – what is the investment required?


Why Stylists Love It: The Black Diamond Barber Chair has that stunning all-black look with the diamond patterned black upholstery and the matching black base making blemishes and dust easy to hide throughout the busy day. This chair is wide and heavy-duty to accommodate clients of all shapes and sizes comfortably. It is an affordable option, and its versatility makes it easy to integrate into any barbershop aesthetic.

Considerations: This chair comes only in black which limits the design flexibility.

Shopper’s Tip: This barber chair is perfect for barbershops that are short on time to clean in between services and need a chair that will hide the dust and blemishes of a busy day.


Why Stylists Love It: The Futura Professional Barber Chair is built with a solid steel frame making it one of our most durable chairs. It has a modern look with a brushed-metal finish on the frame and a neutral color scheme to blend into any aesthetic. This chair also features a flip-style footrest to create a relaxing experience during any service.

Considerations: This barber chair comes in the all-black color scheme only which might be limiting for those looking for additional colors.

Shopper’s Tip: Leading the “new-age” barber chair design, this chair is perfect for barbershops that want a strong and durable chair that has a cutting-edge modern look and feel.


Why Stylists Love It: The K.O. Professional Barber Chair is the workhorse of any barbershop because of its 360-degree swivel turn and full reclining capabilities. It has extra support with a 28-inch chrome base and steel frame. This chair has an extra wide seat with an adjustable headrest and footrest. It is the best value out of all of our barber chairs and scores high on affordability.

Considerations: Unlike the powder black coated bases above, the chrome base on this barber chair will show more visual wear and tear over time. Additionally, this chair only comes in the all-black color scheme which limits flexibility.

Shopper’s Tip: This chair is perfect for barbershops that are looking for a standard chair at a great price. It’s the best blend of quality, durability, and affordability in our entire barber chair collection.


Why Stylists Love It: The Regal Professional Barber Chair is a unique option for retro-style barber shops. It has intricate details that give it a modern play on a retro style. Despite looking antique, this chair is built to last with a durable solid steel frame and sturdy base. It prioritizes client comfort during a shave or haircut with padded armrests and a flip-style footrest.

Considerations: This barber chair embodies the vintage and retro style look and feel. For those shops looking for other designs, check out our other options.

Shopper’s Tip: With it’s intricate, nail head trim design, this chair is perfect for those who are looking for a unique chair that loves the retro style detailing.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs 661 Sevilla Barber Chair is an American-made barber chair with a classic look. It is extremely durable with a two-year warranty. It has a traditional white underside that can be paired with 40 different vinyl colors and piping to ensure that this chair fits into any barbershop. The seat is extra wide to accommodate all clients comfortably, and it leans almost completely back for any services needed.

Considerations: This chair has a higher price point due to the American-made materials and the customization options.

Shopper’s Tip: This is the perfect barber chair for those looking for a well-made, heavy-duty barber chair that maintains the classic and traditional look. Additionally, this chair has a lot of design flexibility with over 1600 color combinations making it a popular pick for those who want a standout piece. Check out more barber chairs from Pibbs Industries.


Why Stylists Love It: The Ceasar Gold Professional Barber Chair is a standout piece that captures the vintage look. The gold metal frame paired with the antique style makes this chair a statement piece in any barbershop. This chair prioritizes client comfort with the padded armrests and a flip-style footrest. It is made with a durable rounded seat and back cushions with a tufted design to pull the design together.

Considerations: With its gold accents this barber chair caters to a specific look and feel.

Shopper’s Tip: This chair’s design is the perfect blend of opulence & boldness that is sure to make a statement in your barbershop. This barber chair is the perfect fit for those shops looking to standout from the traditional barbershops. For similar style options that will make a statement check out our Gold Standard Collection.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins 9050 Commander I Barber Chair is an American-made chair with an emphasis on durability. It is made in America with the best materials that are customizable to fit into any specific aesthetic. It has a cast aluminum logo footrest, mahogany-finished solid maple arms and leg rest support, and a heavy-duty base. The hydraulic pump comes with a 7.5-year warranty to ensure that your barbershop stays fully operational.

Considerations: This chair has a higher price point due to the customizable materials and the solid wood arms and legrest support.

Shopper’s Tip: This chair is perfect for a barbershop looking to maximize longevity with its American-made materials and reputable manufacturers, these chairs come with long warranties to ensure you are protected against damage. For more barber chairs made by Collins Manufacturing, shop our entire Collins Barber Chair collection.


Why Stylists Love It: The Pibbs 662 King Barber Chair is one of the most unique looks in our barber collection. It has a classic white underside with a vintage look that is customizable. This chair has a calf pad and footrest and an adjustable headrest for client comfort. It also comes with a side lever to control the reclining mechanism for ease of use.

Considerations: The style of this barber chair is more compact than others. For those looking for wider framed barber chairs to accommodate larger clientele, check out the Black Diamond Barber Chair.

Shopper’s Tip: Manufactured by the popular barber chair brand, Pibbs Industries, This chair is perfect for the barbershop that is trying to achieve a unique look that embodies the industrial and rustic look and feel without sacrificing quality.


Why Stylists Love It: The Takara Belmont BB-225BLK Elite Black Barber Chair has a top-of-the-line design with the best of the best materials. It is made with a wave spring to withstand heavy use without breaking down. It has a stunning design with customizable colors and piping and includes a towel bar and a clipper hook for convenience.

Considerations: With its Japanese hand-sourced materials, this chair comes in at a higher price point to align with its top-quality craftsmanship.

Shopper’s Tip: Known for being one of the highest quality barber chairs in the industry, this barber chair is the best of the best money can buy. Shop this chair along with other Takara Belmont barber chairs to maximize longevity, quality, and efficiency for your barbershop.


Choosing the right barber chair is an important aspect of a successful barbershop. It is best to know what your barbershop needs specifically so that you can choose the right option. Compare the comfort, design, durability, affordability, and cleanliness of each option to help narrow down your choices. The barber chair is where the majority of the services take place in the barbershop, so these criteria are of the utmost importance as you weigh your options.

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