Pibbs Barber Equipment

Shop our collection of Pibbs barber chairs and equipment, offering over 1,600 vinyl color combinations for maximum design flexibility. Each Pibbs barber chair features options for detailed vinyl piping for added custom detailing, along with adjustable and removable headrests for enhanced comfort. Upholstered arms with metal end caps evoke a classic barber chair look, blending tradition with modernity. Known for their durability, each barber chair is assembled in the USA and boasts a sturdy base and hydraulic pump designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring longevity. Fully adjustable, they accommodate precise cuts or relaxing shaves effortlessly. Choose from vintage or modern designs to suit your barbershop aesthetic. Enhance each service with more Pibbs barber equipment like hot towel warmers and barber poles. For more styles, be sure to shop our entire collection of barbershop equipment including barber chairs, barber stations, and barber accessories, to find your barbershop’s perfect vibe.

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Pibbs Industries Barber Chairs

Embark on a journey of style and functionality with Pibbs Industries' exclusive collection of barber chairs, available at Buy-Rite Beauty. Pibbs, distinguished by its unparalleled reputation, extensive selection, exceptional quality, customizable features, and industry-leading warranty, stands as the premier choice for barber professionals. As a prominent partner of Pibbs in the USA, Buy-Rite Beauty ensures that your shop embodies the pinnacle of comfort and sophistication.

Rooted in a legacy that commenced in the 1950s, Pibbs Industries has evolved into an industry leader, crafting superior salon and spa equipment. The Petruccelli family's commitment paved the way for the establishment of Pibbs Industries in 1964. With over 70 years of innovation and experience, Pibbs continues to set the standard for premium barber furnishings, promising unparalleled comfort and style for every client.

Choosing Pibbs Industries Barber Chairs guarantees a renowned reputation, an extensive selection, customization options, a generous warranty, and the support of Buy-Rite Beauty's partnership with Pibbs. With innovative designs seamlessly blending form and function, Pibbs prioritizes uncompromised comfort for both barbers and clients.

When selecting the right barber chair for your shop, consider factors such as design compatibility, functionality, sturdiness, adjustability, material quality, easy maintenance, client experience, and brand reputation. For personalized assistance in choosing the ideal Pibbs Industries Barber Chair for your shop, contact Buy-Rite Beauty at 1-800-477-6655. Trust Buy-Rite Beauty to assist you in building the barber shop of your dreams.

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