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Upgrade your barbershop with Collins Manufacturing's premium barber chairs and stations. Our collection of Collins barber chairs boasts cast aluminum footrests and features right and left-handed controls for back reclining, catering to every barber's needs. Each Collins barber chair is backed by up to a 10-year warranty, assuring protection for up to 100,000 haircuts. With over 100+ color options, customize your chairs to match your aesthetic perfectly. Explore our wet and regular barber stations, designed with ample storage and built-in shampoo bowls for convenience. Crafted in the USA, Collins barber shop equipment embodies our dedication to only providing the highest quality barber equipment in the market. Further enhance your barbershop with our collection of shampoo equipment, barber accessories, and chair mats. For more barber equipment styles, shop our entire barber equipment collection to find the perfect fit for your barbershop.

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Collins Barber Chairs and Stations

Enter the realm of Collins Barber Chairs and Equipment, a convergence of tradition and innovation. With a storied history of bolstering barber shops and crafting top-tier barber chairs and equipment, Collins Manufacturing stands as an emblem of excellence. Uncover premium barber chairs and equipment that seamlessly meld timeless design with modern functionality, creating an elevated experience for both barbers and clients.

Collins Manufacturing's unwavering commitment to American manufacturing and the salon furniture industry has been a cornerstone of their success. Their tireless dedication to producing the highest quality barber chairs and equipment has garnered them a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Transform your barber shop with Collins, a brand that embodies quality and craftsmanship.

Opting for Collins Barber Chairs and Equipment entails choosing unparalleled quality, as these chairs and equipment are renowned for their durability and craftsmanship. By supporting American craftsmanship, you not only enhance your barber shop's aesthetics but also contribute to Collins' legacy of setting the standard for premium salon furniture.

When selecting the perfect barber chair, consider factors such as comfort and durability, style alignment, functionality, quality materials, custom colors and finishes, and ergonomic design. For personalized assistance and information in choosing the ideal barber chair and equipment, reach out to us at 1-800-477-6655. Elevate your barber shop's aesthetics with Collins Manufacturing and Buy-Rite Beauty.

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