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Buy-Rite Beauty offers professional Barber and Wet Stations that are designed to keep you organized and accessible. A barber station, sometimes called a wet station, is different from your standard styling station because the shampoo bowl is typically connected to the workspace. These are designed to eliminate the need for a separate backwash unit or shampoo bowl in a barbershop since most shampoo services are simple and quick. It gives barbers the ability to wash and cut in the same area. We have evaluated all of our options for barber stations based on the most critical criteria to present the top-ranked barber stations to choose from. If you are looking for a different configuration of stations, be sure to check out our free-standing stations, wall-mounted stations, double-sided stations, and portable stations.


With a rich history spanning 87 years, Buy-Rite Beauty has solidified its position as a leader in the salon furniture industry. Our expertise extends to barber stations, where we offer comprehensive insights into crucial considerations for selecting the ideal option for your salon. As authorized representatives of major brands, we guarantee a diverse range that meets the evolving needs of modern hairstylists and barbers.


■ Storage: We evaluated the storage capabilities—how much can it hold and organize?
Durability: We examined its resilience and longevity against use over time. What’s the warranty coverage period?
■ Aesthetic: We explored customization options, including colors and fixtures, to align with your desired look.
■ Features: We examined what each station offers.
■ Affordability: We considered overall affordability – what is the investment required?


Why Stylists Love It: The Bali Professional Barber Station has style, storage, functionality, and durability which makes it our top pick for barber stations. The storage space in this station includes two utility drawers, one storage cabinet, an appliance holder, and a recessed bottle well with a lift lid that adds counter space when not in use. It comes in 20 color options with any two-tone color combination to add personalization to your specific space. It is made 100% in the USA at the Buy-Rite Cabinet Shop ensuring the best quality possible, so this station will last through wear and tear.

Considerations: If you are short on space, this might not be the best fit for you. This barber station comes in at 47″ wide due to the storage features.

Shopper’s Tip: Barbers adore this wet station for its over 1,400 color combinations, seamless integration of storage solutions, and its convenient flip-over counter space. When not in use, the counter cleverly covers the shampoo bowl, providing extra workspace for added versatility.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins E1073P Nico Barber Station pulls out all the stops with numerous features paired with a stunning design. This station comes with four clipper hooks, five full-extension drawers, two barbicide container holders, storage on both sides, a six-outlet power strip, two front-facing duplex outlets, and a tip-out barber tool panel. It is made in the USA with the best American craftsmanship that will last. Choose from a multitude of laminate colors and metal handle pulls that will fit into your aesthetic vision.

Considerations: Due to its storage capacity and barber-friendly built-in features, this barber station commands a higher price point. Consider

Shopper’s Tip: This barber station is favored by barbers seeking a sleek, integrated design with the convenience of easily accessible electrical outlets, thanks to its forward-facing outlets.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins E1052 Aspen Floating Wet Station has a simple design without compromising on functionality. This barber station has a smaller footprint making it ideal for smaller spaces. It comes with two full extension drawers, a top access molded bottle well, and a full extension tool panel drawer to help your barbers stay organized. This station is designed to be mounted to the wall which allows for easy cleanup underneath. Choose from a wide selection of laminate colors that will fit perfectly into your space.

Considerations: This station is designed as a compact space-saving solution. Thus, due to its small footprint, it offers less storage capacity compared to other models. For a similar design with more storage, check out the Collins 60″ Aspen Floating Wide Wet Station.

Shopper’s Tip: This barber station is perfect for those looking to maximize the square footage in their space with a “small-space” solution.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins E1053 Nico Wet Station has a modern design and a compact storage layout. This station has three full-extension drawers, a six-outlet power strip, a tip-out tool panel, and a bottle well. Customize this barber station to fit your desired aesthetic with a wide selection of laminate colors. It is made 100% in the USA with top-quality materials to ensure that it will hold up through wear and tear.

Considerations: Take into account your barber’s requirements for available counter space. If your barbers prefer or require a larger work surface, explore alternative options such as the Collins E1073 Nico Barber Station, which provides a generous 60-inch wide open countertop workspace.

Shopper’s Tip: Despite its compact size, this station is ideal for space-limited shops, offering ample storage solutions for barbers. It features three drawers and a tip-out tool panel, ensuring functionality without compromising on storage capacity.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins E1062P Aspen Wide Wet Station is designed to create the ultimate workspace. It is 60″ wide with three full extension drawers, a full extension tool panel drawer, a top access molded bottle well, lower cabinet storage with an adjustable shelf, and a convenient six-outlet power strip. It is made in the USA with unmatched craftsmanship and design. Choose from a wide selection of colors and three color options for the metal drawer pulls and legs for total customization.

Considerations: While this leg-elevated station facilitates easier cleaning and a modern design, it’s essential to carefully consider its overall height and how it aligns with the preferences and comfort of your barbers.

Shopper’s Tip: Barbers adore this station for its elevated design on legs, which not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also facilitates easier cleaning and promotes better airflow, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic work environment.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins 68A LaCarte Barber Station has all of the features you could want in a barber station. This is one of our most functional stations equipped with plenty of storage, electrical outlets, a light switch, wire grommets, plumbing access doors, a towel drawer, a porcelain shampoo bowl, a large countertop, two barricade holders, and a bottle well. This station is reliable because it was made 100% in the USA with the best materials. It has a clean style with a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Considerations: Considering its expansive footprint and maximum storage capacity, ensure to evaluate your space thoroughly to guarantee seamless integration of this larger-than-average barber station.

Shopper’s Tip: This spacious barber station is popular amongst barbers as it provides maximum storage capacity while boasting a seamless design, featuring a cleverly concealed and tidy shampoo bowl cabinet.


Why Stylists Love It: The Collins 6626 Edge 66 Barber Station has a modern design that will stand out from the crowd. The storage space in this barber station allows you to store products, tools, and appliances while keeping the space organized. Since the shampoo bowl is in the center, you have the option to work on either side of your clients for added comfort. Choose from a wide variety of laminate colors for both the main and accent features.

Considerations: This barber station has a distinct modern look which makes it a unique choice for the modern barbershop. For more style options, browse our entire collection of barber station styles & designs.

Shopper’s Tip: This barber station is ideal for barbershops aiming for a sleek, modern aesthetic and seeking a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art workstation. For a complete look, pair this barber station with the Edge Full-Length Framed Mirror w/ LightsEdge Retail Display Unit, and the Edge Reception Desk


When considering barber stations, it’s crucial to assess them based on key criteria: storage capacity, aesthetic appeal, durability, features, and affordability. These factors significantly impact the efficiency of your barbershop. Before investing in a barber station, carefully consider the daily operations of your business and prioritize what matters most to your business. This comprehensive list outlines each element to guide you in making the right choice for your salon.

Tip: Barber stations are also great for Senior Living Facilities because the shampoo bowl is so accessible. Be sure to browse all of our Senior Living Facility equipment to create the most comfortable space for your residents.

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