4 Operator Bali Hanger Salon Package


4 Operator Bali Hanger Salon Package

This package contains:

  • 4 x Aria Styling Chair Details
  • 4 x Bali Hanger Station With Arm Details
  • 2 x Lexus Backwash Unit Details
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Ships in 6 - 8 Weeks

List Price: $11,195.00

Our Price: $5,595.00

Bali Hanger Station With Arm

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Lexus Backwash Unit


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I created a private salon to adapt to the pandemic.

Customer Rating:


I chose Buyrite Beauty after seeing the Bali Hanger Station on line while I was browsing for salon furniture. This station had all the features I like in a salon station. After looking at the photos and reading reviews, I ordered the Bali Hanger, 2 ISO mirrors, 2 Christina chairs and the Shelby wash unit and hoped for the best.
I cannot say enough about this company. Their customer service is impeccable. Even during one of the craziest times they were completely attentive, professional and accommodating. When my furniture arrived it exceeded my expectations. Everything is extremely high-quality and attractive in person. The chairs are incredibly comfortable and good looking. The sink unit is comfortable to sit in and the height to shampoo is also nice. I even love the handle and the nozzle for the water. The station looks like a nice piece of furniture. The three top shallow drawers are so functional, no more digging.The bottom drawer is deep enough for larger items. Because of the weight of the station, I added legs and created a self standing unit with gas pipe.
I would highly recommend this company over any other place I've done business with. From ordering to delivery everything was seamless and everyone I spoke to was so pleasant. I can't say enough! I'm so happy with my salon.

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