Salon Equipment Leasing Program

Buy-Rite Beauty’s Lease-To-Own financing program is designed to help salon owners and aspiring salon owners get the equipment they need without having to pay for everything up front. By using a lease to finance your salon or spa equipment, you can use that beauty equipment to start earning income sooner, increasing your cash flow.

We offer flexible lease financing payment schedules and multiple buy-out offers so that you can create a plan that meets your needs. Depending on the type of financing, your lease payment may be tax deductible as an operating expense instead of depreciating your equipment over a longer period of time. Please consult your accounting advisor for specific tax advice.

The Benefits of Lease Financing Your Salon Equipment


Conserve Your Cash

Save your cash for other important areas of your business like salaries, advertising, utilities, promotions and more. Our salon equipment lease has no huge down payment, so you can maximize your cash flow by paying for your equipment as it’s being used to generate income.


Plan For Your Needs

Unlike a traditional bank loan, our salon equipment lease financing plan gives you flexible payment options and terms as well as multiple buy-out options at the end of the lease. With this flexibility, Lease-To-Own is the most popular form of salon financing utilized today.


Lower Your Taxes

You may be able to claim your beauty equipment lease payment as a tax-deductible operating expense rather than depreciating your equipment over a longer period of time. Please talk to your accounting advisor for specific tax advice about how to achieve this.

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