8 Tips for Furnishing Your Salon Reception Area

September 14, 2021 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

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Do you want to create a great first impression with each new guest that walks into your salon? Finding the ideal furnishings for your salon reception area is the perfect way to do this. The appearance of your reception can reflect the character of your salon and what you represent. Each detail is important when creating an efficient space to serve your guests. By providing the right reception experience, you can have a happier, more profitable clientele!

1. Size of Your Space

The first and most important step in discovering the perfect furnishings for your salon reception area is measuring the size of your space and knowing the dimensions of each piece of furniture you’re considering purchasing. Understanding scaling can make or break your salon reception area. No matter the individual salon aesthetic – the balance of your furnishings is the key to success. No one wants to be greeted by a cluttered, bulky, and confusing reception area. When considering the size of your salon reception space, make sure you think about how much retail you want to display, and how many guests you may need to seat on your busiest days.

2. Reception Desk

No matter the size of your salon reception area, you will need a reception desk. Before deciding which reception desk is right for you, consider what use it will serve. Will you have a POS system or scheduling book? A phone? Bags for retail? What type of storage and counter space will you require? You want your front desk to be inviting, usable, and assist in keeping your reception area clean and free of clutter. Your front desk should be a focal point in the reception area for client ease, but not overpower the appeal of your retail displays.

3. Retail Displays

The salon reception space is the perfect place for your clients to peruse your retail options. It’s important to first take into account how many products you plan on displaying and making sure you will have enough space to display them without them looking messy, cluttered, or disorganized. There are a variety of options in size and style, so take your time to find what will look and fit best in your salon. Always have your retail displays accessible for your clientele and avoid barriers such as placing the display behind the front desk. Additionally, consider what will highlight your products, whether it is furniture placement, lighting, or the display itself.

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4. Who Do You Serve?

There is no universal formula for a perfect salon reception space. To make your reception area perfect for you, think about who your clientele is. Their preferences and needs should be considered for all your reception furnishings. Depending on who you serve, think about what each guest needs to be comfortable. Especially when choosing the seating in your reception area, think about what size of seating will accommodate everyone, and think about options for individuals with limited mobility.

5. Don’t Forget Accompanying Furniture

A standard salon reception space will have seating, a reception desk, and retail displays. But what about the accompanying furniture? While your customer is waiting for their service, consider what will make them more comfortable. Will you offer a variety of reading materials? A coffee and drink station? If so, contemplate options such as a coffee table, end tables, and desk space. Choose subtlety and cohesiveness for your accompanying furniture and let the retail displays and reception desk be the highlights of the space.

6. Salon Aesthetic

When finding the perfect furnishings for your salon reception space, always keep the aesthetic of your salon in mind. Do you want a modern, retro, rustic, minimalist, or contemporary vibe? From the number of furnishings to the design, proportions, colors, and even finishing on your furniture should all be considered. Coherent connections between your reception furniture will bring your space together and create a unique experience for your clients.

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7. Comfort

Let’s be real here – no one wants to wait around for their service. This is why it is key to create a positive, comfortable experience for your clients while they wait in your salon reception space. Although reception seating can feel like an afterthought when you’re putting together an entire salon, don’t forget how important it is to give your clients comfortable seating without them feeling like they are sitting on top of one another. Don’t make your clients sit around in a space that you wouldn’t enjoy yourself.

8. Quality

Just like when you’re choosing your backwash units and salon stations, it is important to find quality furniture that will hold up to constant use. Your reception seating will be used at least as much as your styling chairs, so upholstery that will hold up and won’t wear too quickly will help save you money long-term. Additionally, choose a finish on your tables or reception desks that is durable, such as laminates, steel, or plexiglass.

Your salon reception area is always going to be where your first and last contact is with your clients. We can’t make a first impression twice – so take the time to furnish your reception area to give your clients another reason to keep coming back! Want assistance in finding the perfect furnishings for you and your salon? Give us a call, and we’ll help you create a salon reception area that fulfills your unique needs!

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