The 8 Best Salon Mirrors of 2021

January 16, 2021 | Posted by Buy-Rite Beauty

There is nothing in a salon that is looked at more than the mirrors. Because of this, it is essential to find salon mirrors with a design to impress your guests and let your stylists reach their full potential. At Buy-Rite, we have over 120 years of experience assisting stylists and salon owners in finding salon equipment made for their unique needs. Our experts at Buy-Rite are here to help you find the perfect frame to highlight each masterpiece you create, making you and your clients realize your artistry and creative talent!

1. Iso Mirror and Frame Styling Station

Made 100% in the USA with excellent craftsmanship, the Iso Mirror & Frame Styling Station adds a sense of style and elegance to any modern salon! These full-length salon mirrors are available in 40 popular laminate colors and work perfectly next to any free-standing or portable styling station – giving you the freedom to customize your station to your salon! For complete design continuity, the Bali Styling Stations and Iso Mirror and Frame were created for each other, bringing your salon a sleek, modern look.

2. Alexa Full-Length Salon Mirror & Frame

Looking for a glamourous full-length, modern mirror for your styling station? The Alexa Full-Length Salon Mirror & Frame is the one for you! The Galaxy is available in 7 popular, luxurious finish options, adding a sense of style and modern elegance unique to your salon. The generous, full-length 60″x 28” mirror comes fully assembled. This mirror is perfectly compatible with our popular Maxim Gold and Omni styling stations – or can be easily attached to the face of an existing station to offer an upgraded mirror option. The Alexa provides the “perfect picture” frame for your clients to feel like a superstar!

3. Pibbs Lumina LED Salon Mirror

Looking to make your client feel like the star of the show while adding a touch of sophisticated glamour in your salon? Look no further than the Pibbs Lumina LED Salon Mirror! Available with or without a server, this extra-large mirror comes with a built-in, dimmable LED light with an easily accessible on/off button. The Lumina is made with excellent craftsmanship, and features clean lines and a modern style, elevating your styling station to the next level! The Pibbs Lumina LED Salon Mirrors can be used on their own with any free-standing station, and are also available with two options of storage servers!

4. Pibbs Diamond Salon Mirror

Want a little extra sparkle and shine in your life? The Pibbs Diamond Salon Mirror is available in 5 sparkling custom colors, giving your clients the “perfect picture” frame to feel like superstars! This extra-large, full-length mirror’s modern design and style make it a perfect addition to any modern salon. Like this shimming mirror but need a server? The Pibbs Diamond Salon Mirror & Storage Server is also available. Aside from its gorgeous design, we love the Pibbs Diamond Salon Mirrors for their excellent quality at a great price!

5. Pibbs Classic Salon Mirror

The Pibbs Classic Salon Mirror is a perfect addition to a salon designed with elegant simplicity. This extra-large, full-length mirror is made with excellent materials and craftsmanship and is currently only $199! The Pibbs Classic Salon Mirror features an ornately designed frame with curved edges and a dotted accent and is available in silver or black. This versatile mirror can be used alone by the side of any free-standing salon styling station and is also available with a storage server!

6. Pibbs Wave Salon Mirror

If you’re looking for an extra pop of contemporary style in your salon, the Pibbs Wave Salon Mirror is just what you’re looking for. This extra-large, full-length mirror adds a fashionable, yet subtle accent with its hip and polished wave frame. The Pibbs Wave Salon Mirrors can suit whatever your preferred station style is, as they can be used alongside any free-standing salon station and are also featured on the Pibbs Wave Salon Mirror & Storage Server and the Pibbs Wave Isola Double Sided Station!

7. Collins 6621 Edge Full-Length Framed Mirror with Lights

The Collins Edge Full-Length Framed Mirror with Lights combines top-of-the-line craftsmanship with modern, clean lines and T5 lights that illuminate your masterpieces and make your clients look their best! Made 100% in the USA, this beautiful full-length mirror is available in over 40 custom laminate colors, giving you the ability to create a design perfectly unique to your salon style! Additionally, you can furnish your salon with complete design continuity, as the Edge Full-Length Framed Mirror with Lights is part of the Collins Edge Family!

8. Collins 6672 Lox Wall-Mounted Mirror with LED Lights

If you want a mirror that will make your clients and your stylists feeling like stars, look no further than the Collins Lox Wall-Mounted Mirror with LED Lights! These modern, full-length salon mirrors are made 100% in the USA with top-of-the-line materials and are made with some of the best craftsmanship in the industry. The Lox is available in over 40 unique laminate colors (with accent colors also available!), allowing you to create the perfect style for your salon. The Lox Wall-Mounted Mirror with LED Lights is also available with a ledge or as a station and is part of the Collins Lox Line, so you can create complete design continuity throughout your entire salon!

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