What to Consider When Selecting New Salon Mats

November 2, 2023 | Posted by Meghan Smith

Salon mats are an essential piece of equipment for any salon or barber shop, and the reduction of pain is by far the main benefit of professional-grade, anti-fatigue mats. Barbers and stylists work standing on their feet most of the day, and long hours standing on hard flooring contribute to stress and fatigue in the legs, feet, and even the lower back and hips. If you are tired, hurting, and in pain, you are definitely not at your best and will not perform at your best either. Your stylists and barbers will appreciate you looking out for their health and safety, and high-quality salon mats pay for themselves in no time by making the workspace more ergonomic, reducing pain and exhaustion levels, and thereby recovering productivity.

Size and Thickness

Make sure you consider the size and thickness level before purchasing a mat. Anti-fatigue mats should be at least ½-inch thick in order to achieve the best preventative results and to minimize back and leg/foot strain. (Additionally, mats over 1 inch thick may be counterproductive and are not recommended) Our research has shown that a 5/8-inch thickness offers a great balance between the two ends of the spectrum.


Mats with beveled edges are ideal to help avoid slips as well as tripping hazards in your salon or barber shop and help keep both staff and customers safe. A sloped edge can also act as a ramp to assist with any wheelchair customers you may have, so they work very well in a senior living salon setting. Utilizing salon mats will also help protect the flooring in your space and most quality mats will resist common stains from oils, hair color, and acids.


Salon mats do come in a wide range of price points and remember that you do not need to break the bank as cost is not necessarily the only indicator of quality. Size, thickness, and durability are some other factors that play into the pricing of anti-fatigue mats, and the long-term positive results regarding staff health and stamina make mats well worth the investment. Other qualities to consider include the material of the mat such as high-density foam, a polyurethane sponge material, or even PVC vinyl rubber. Also, consider if the mat is waterproof and puncture-proof, and if it has a low-static surface to prevent hair from sticking to the mat to make clean-up easy. Take a look at the warranty too, which will let you know a lot about the quality and durability of the mat. A standard warranty on salon or anti-fatigue mats is usually anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Buyer beware if no warranty is offered – this could mean you are looking at low-quality, short-lifespan mats, and the “great price” may not be so great in the long term.

Salon mats are an essential piece of equipment for any salon or barber shop, and the reduction of pain is by far the main benefit of professional-grade, anti-fatigue mats. Buy-Rite Beauty partners with trusted industry brand names, including Smart Step Salon Mats and Rhino Mats, and we offer a wide selection of salon mats featuring the perfect blend of style and functionality. Salon mats add a decorative touch wherever you place them, and Buy-Rite offers a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate your particular style. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced product specialists if you need assistance selecting the perfect salon mat that will work best in your particular salon setting.

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